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Latest Blog Posts for Energy Drink Heaven

  • Xenergy: Lemonade - PineappleSo now we see all these company's trying to copy monster and come out with something refreshing and hydrating that doesn't have any sugar. But the problem is they're all the same and they usually go for the lemonade tea flavor.Taste-Not this time. Xy...
  • Monster: Muscle - Vanilla
    on Apr 9, 2013 in protein monster shake muscle vanilla
    Round two.Taste-My lest favorite of the three only because Ive always thought vanilla was too boring by itself and when it comes to protein shakes, vanilla is okay but I always hated having to drink that thick vanilla goop every day. But its still go...
  • Monster: Muscle - ChocolateSo here we go with what I wish I could say was one of my most anticipated drinks but like always these came out of nowhere. I just noticed that, isn't it funny how all energy drink company's pop their new drinks out of nowhere. No time for advertisem...
  • Monster: Ultra BlueNow why would I want to see a drink that is supposed to resemble the cold when where I live it just started to feel like spring this week. But hey I'm sounding like old man winter, lets see if another new "0 calorie" monster is even worth buying once...
  • Monster: Rehab - Pink LemonadePretty soon were going to have more rehab flavors than originals. As usual I found a pic of this on facebook like 4 days before saw it in stores. What would we do without internet? We wouldn't have porn or energy drink heaven!Taste-When the original...
  • Kickstar: Orange CitrusMountain Dew has been letting me down the past couple years. Ever since the world of warcraft drinks came out they haven't really done anything new.Taste-Just livewire mixed with a splash white grape juice and orange juice. Like I said with the fruit...
  • Kickstar: Fruit Punch
    on Mar 14, 2013 in kickstart fruit mountain dew mtn punch
    Ive heard very few rumors about these drinks and heard that they were at a gas station on the far south side of my hometown Rockford at a Mobil. All thanks to Zak Mckimmy of course lol. But I heard they were trying to market this for kids to drink it...
  • Monster: Mad Dog
    on Feb 22, 2013 in Grape dob dub monster mad
    Went down to the neighborhood smoke shop about half an hour ago and found 3 of these behind the counter. The cool Arabian dood said the owner gave them to him because they're new and hes going to sell them soon, so of course I ask...
  • Popeye: Clobberin ClementineI wonder who owns popeye now. Because his name is on spinach, energy drinks and who knows what else. But you gotta love it! He represents healthy ways to boost your energy and chase off annoying women.Taste- Again, not really a big deal here just som...
  • Popeye: Bruiser BlackberryI cant tell you how stoked I was when I found these in the mail. This is a real collector item, especially for me. These two drinks are probably some of my favorite cans ever. But sadly the can is all its good for.Taste- Trying to be "all natural" an...
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