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Latest Blog Posts for World War 2 History Blog

  • Update
    on Apr 26, 2009
    Very busy time for me, as the majority of my final theses and papers are due in the next few days. Finals begin at the end of this week. So I do not expect to have much posting done until after 7 May. By 10 May I plan to make another post on the Batt...
  • Historical Revisionism
    on Apr 9, 2009 in General
    Recently I picked up a book entitled Cross of Iron: The Rise and the Fall of the German War Machine by John Mosier. Notice how a lot of WWII books happen to start with Rise and Fall, probably in sincere flattery to the classic by William Shirer. I be...
  • The Inter-War French Army and The Maginot Line
    on Mar 29, 2009 in General
    "This is not peace. This is an armistice for twenty years [how right you were!]." ~ Foch on the Treaty of Versailles.Winston Churchill in 1933 exclaimed to the British Parliament, "Thank God for the French Army!" Without a doubt, coming off the spect...
  • A-10 Warthog Friendly Fire Incident
    on Mar 20, 2009
    First my apologies for my abscense over the past week, I have been bedridden with a sinus infection for the majority of the week. I haven't had much time for research or to finish reading the recent NSA publication regarding Pearl Harbor. But to tide...
  • Update
    on Mar 17, 2009
    It's been a week since I have made a post on the blog; I have been busy with midterms and various projects. I should have some freetime on wednesday during which I am going to post something about a recent study from the NSA which regards Japanese ch...
  • Tank Duel: Follow Up
    on Mar 9, 2009 in Tanks
    One of my great pleasures from this blog is to receive comments, especially those that lead to excellent scholarly discussion. On my recent post I received a comment from David Wilma."I suspect (I have not studied the issue) that tank development sin...
  • Tank Duel: Modern vs WWII
    on Mar 6, 2009 in Tanks
    German Leopard IIComparing the modern MBT (main battle tank) and that of a tank from the second world war is similar to comparing the Porsche to the Model T. Tank design and doctrine has changed so much since WWII that to many tankers of the period o...
  • Submit an Idea or Post
    on Mar 3, 2009 in Submissions
    This is, of course, an interactive community. I cannot always think of the best topics to write about day after day, and I am looking forward to receiving suggestions and requests from my readers. If you want to see a particular topic addressed, if I...
  • All Statistics Are Lies
    on Mar 1, 2009
    Mark Twain once said "There are liars, damned liars, and statisticians." As historians we tend to argue over the small points, of whether this statistic is correct, and how we interpret populations and subsets of figures. We find statistics to suppor...
  • The Failure of Strategic Bombing
    on Feb 26, 2009 in Planes
    A recent discussion in the WWII newsgroups piqued my interest in this topic, for which I argued that the Allied strategic bombing campaign was in effect, a failure. When we deal with interpretations and conclusions rather than simply reporting fact t...
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