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Latest Blog Posts for ojikzcaya

  • OH WORD??? The Take Care Tracklist has leaked yall
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup yalls its P-Tone aka the Mighty Arms of Hercules. By now yall probably seen the Watch The Throne tracklist. That shit seemed authentic as fuck right? Word. But now the tracklist for Take Care is available too...Word is bond. So you k...
  • The 2nd Annual 10 Softest Niggas In The Game
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Yeah at the rate that these wack niggas is fallin from the sky who can really wait a whole year n shit son? Whattup yalls. P-Tone aka the Mighty Fists of Hercules is back in the buildin nahmean. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Softest Niggas In The Game co...
  • Ayo its P-Tones guide to huntin wit dignity
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup this Big Riggatone aka the Emperor of Egypt namsayin. Yall already kno. Word is bond son its been a minute since a nigga updated so I apologize to yall muthafuckas threatenin to killa yallselves n shit if a nigga aint unveil some new scro...
  • Ayo Tone sat down wit these soft niggas to discuss some shit...nahmean!
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup yalls this Big Ghost aka the Wizard of Poetry nahmean. P-Tone is back in the buildin namsayin. Word is bond. Ayo recently Tone was given the opportunity to sit down wit a couple these soft niggas that been poppin lately n have a real real...
  • Ayo can we get Lil B the fuck outta here now son?
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo this Raspberry Tone aka the Womb Slayer. Ya boy jus wanna get a few things off his chest b. First off contrary to yalls popular beliefs n shit...I aint no hater son. I dont hate niggas like that g. I might got opinions n shit I wanna share wit ya...
  • W.U.S.H. Folks (Pt. 1)
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup yall this P-Tone back in the buildin. Word is bond the god bout to address a situation here nahmean. You kno when u have a nigga come by ya crib n shit..n you might not even like the nigga that much. But yalls cool or whatever. The nigga...
  • Ayo I been sittin here listenin to Thank Me Later n this shit not bad nahmean....
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup this Tony Atlas aka the magnificent Deini. Yo I been listenin to this Aubrey joint for the last hour...n yo I gotta admit...he got a couple decent joints on this shit here. Namsayin...I peeped this shit when it first dropped n I thought t...
  • More Tales From Shaolin Land Namsayin!
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup yalls this Ghost Deini aka the Black Chuck Norris namsayin. First of all ya boy jus wanna thank yall for takin time out ya hectic schedules n shit to come by n peep a niggas scrolls nahmean. Dont think that Tone dont appreciate yall for t...
  • Take care...
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo whattup yalls its P-Tone back in effect...cashin checks n breakin soft niggas necks. I apologize for not blessin yall wit no jewelz for a minute like that namsayin. I jus been workin at expandin the Starks empire n what have you. But Im gon try n...
  • 2nd Annual Softest Niggas In The Game HONORABLE MENTIONS
    on Oct 2, 2011
    Ayo Whattup its P-Tone aka the Almighty Theodore. First off I wanna say thank you to eybody that supported the movement to get these leotard rockin niggas the fuck outta here. The response to the list was even bigger this time round nahmean. Thats br...
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