This blog contain about kids game collection. You can find many education games for your children.

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Latest Blog Posts for Kids Game Station

  • Pyramid Game Review - Ice Dice
    on Oct 7, 2011
    It's been almost two years since I first reviewed Treehouse from Looney Labs (you can read about it here), so it was about time to score another set of brightly colored translucent triangles and play more wacky abstract games. Well, maybe it was past...
  • Card Game Review - Star Fluxx
    on Oct 5, 2011
    I think we need to start a campaign to tell Looney Labs what settings to use for Fluxx. We've got zombies and pirates, Martians and potheads. We've got Monty Python and eco-friendly shrubbery. Looney Labs cranks out another Fluxx version about once a...
  • Dice Game Review - King of Tokyo
    on Oct 3, 2011
    Transcript from a private conversation that may or may not have occurred in my head the other day:Me: I wish I could find a really cool game that I could break out quick, play in fifteen minutes, then put it away when everybody finally shows up.Also...
  • Card Game Review - Conquest Tactics
    on Sep 30, 2011
    There are a few things that you can put into a game to make me want it without knowing anything else about it. Rhino-men and fireballs are two of those things. Conquest Tactics has both rhinoceros people with throwing axes and wizards with the capaci...
  • Tiny Game Review - Galapa Go!
    on Sep 28, 2011
    So much for the afterglow.Monday I reviewed Risk Legacy, a game that I am still thoroughly enjoying and cannot wait to play again. To temper the excitement of that incredible game, I've decided to flip it backwards and review a game that I hope to ne...
  • Board Game Review - Risk Legacy
    on Sep 26, 2011
    Since Risk Legacy was announced, Internet prognosticators have had a field day of bitchery. I have seen completely ignorant responses vary from calling it a disposable game to saying that Risk Legacy is Hasbro's blatant attempt to steal money from st...
  • Board Game Review - Chaostle
    on Sep 16, 2011
    I have been reviewing games for a long enough time that I can usually spot a really bad game just by looking at the box. I am rarely surprised, though Cambridge Games Factory surprised me routinely by having ugly games that were actually really good.
  • Dexterity Game Review - Sorry Sliders: Cars 2
    on Sep 14, 2011
    Sometimes an idea hits the market that's so good, you wonder why nobody thought of it before. Like the guy who came up with a worldwide swap meet, called it eBay, and then got richer than God. Now, from anywhere in the world, you can buy somebody's u...
  • Card Game Review - Barons
    on Sep 12, 2011
    Cambridge Games Factory has impressed the hell out of me so far. While Glory to Rome was easily the best of their games I have played so far, North Pole and Zombie In My Pocket were both a heck of a lot of fun. Sure, all the games are about as pretty...
  • Card Game Review - Nile Deluxor
    on Sep 9, 2011
    The Nile Valley had to be the absolute worst place in the world to be a farmer. That damned river flooded all the time, and wiped out crops left and right. The worst thing was that you never knew what would get ruined - one week you're fat and happy...
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