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Latest Blog Posts for Healthy Life

  • The Values of X and Y in Diet Solutions
    on Jan 16, 2012 in Weight Loss
    "You are what you eat." You've heard it many times - sounds cliché to some but it is basically true. Anything you put inside your body will manifest itself in your physical appearance and can even affect your mental and emotional state. Realizin...
  • Calories to Lose Weight
    on Jan 16, 2012 in Weight Loss
    Are all calories treated the same way? The American public has been told through the media that consuming more calories than the body burns leads to weight gain. Doing the simple math this statement seems to make sense but is only partially true.M...
  • Butter: Good Fat or Bad Fat?
    on Jan 16, 2012 in Weight Loss
    People are often shocked when they see how much butter I use and eat in one day. But I know the real truth; Butter is a good fat and can actually help you lose weight.Unfortunately, people thinking butter is unhealthy is a very common misconception.
  • Use Blood Sugar Testing To Reach Goals?
    on Nov 22, 2011 in Diabetic
    For over a century, the ability to measure blood sugar in a laboratory has existed, but to measure blood sugar in a self collected sample of blood from a fingertip has only been around for a few decades or so.These days it only takes a few seconds...
  • Diagnosing Stroke
    on Nov 22, 2011 in Stroke
    A stroke is a medical emergency. Anyone suspected of having a stroke should be taken to a medical facility immediately for evaluation and treatment. Initially, the doctor takes a medical history from the patient if he/she is alert or others famili...
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis Treatments
    on Nov 22, 2011 in Diabetic
    What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis? Diabetic ketoacidosis is a diabetic complication that occurs when the body uses fat instead of glucose as a fuel source because the body does not have enough insulin. Ketones, (byproducts of fat breakdown) build u...
  • Signs Of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer
    on Oct 24, 2011 in Mesothelioma
    Exposure to Asbestos can be an occupational or environmental hazard. People who live in central Turkey are environmentally exposed to the naturally occurring asbestos in that area with some families having a genetic predisposition to the erionite...
  • Asbestos
    on Oct 24, 2011 in Asbestos
    Asbestos: The Health RisksAsbestos is the name for a mineral grouping that occurs naturally in nature. It has been widely used, particularly in construction. The fibrous bundles of asbestos are separated to produce thin and durable sheets. The rea...
  • Mesothelioma Cancer Diagnosed- Questions to ask
    on Oct 24, 2011 in Mesothelioma
    Following diagnosis, uppermost amongst a patient's thoughts will be these..."Am I going to die?", "Will I be in much pain?". As there is no cure for mesothelioma it is important that the patient is advised that with modern treatment they can, f...
  • Mesothelioma: Simple Questions and Answers
    on Oct 24, 2011 in Mesothelioma
    Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer in which malignant (cancerous) cells are found in the mesothelium, a protective sac that covers most of the body’s internal organs. Most people who develop mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they inhaled as...
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