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Latest Blog Posts for Vinensia - Perfume

  • What Is The Different Between Perfume And Perfume Oil?
    on Mar 19, 2009 in How To Choose and Buy?
    The history of perfume oils dates back to ancient Egypt when these fine scented oils were presented to royalty as gifts. In modern times, most people think perfume as department store fragrances, which consist mainly of the concentrated oil and alcoh...
  • Sandalwood : The Kings Scent
    on Feb 5, 2009 in Personality
    Sandalwood is a tree which produces fragrant scent, from its leaf, stem, and root. Sandalwood grows in many Asia countries, such as Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. It also has many varieties, but the best quality of Sandalwood is from Mysoram, South...
  • Steps to Make Perfume
    on Oct 18, 2008 in Perfume Making
    1. Choose the formula. You need to decide what kind and what smell of perfume you want to make. Then go find the formula or get experiment for yourself to produce the desired result.2. Go hunt the essential and fragrance oils.Essential and fragrance...
  • How to Make A Simple Perfume at Home?
    on Oct 17, 2008 in Perfume Recipes
    There are 3 main ingredients needed for making home made perfumes, they are :Essential OilsAlcoholWaterThese items were sold in many stores, such as, health store, beauty stores, or even in the internet for essential that difficult to find in public...
  • Make Money by Make Perfume
    on Oct 17, 2008 in Perfume Making
    Do you know that you can make a profit 15x from selling perfume? You just only have $500 for modal to make 100 perfumes than sell about $50-100 each. Really interesting!Of course, we’re all know that people were looking to produce their own perfume...
  • Simple Recipes to Make Perfume at Home
    on Oct 17, 2008 in Perfume Recipes
    In this chapter we will look at a number of different recipes, not just for perfumes, but colognes and body sprays as well, which can easily be made in your own home.The first recipe we will be looking at is the basic perfume recipe. This is the simp...
  • Making Your Own Perfume
    on Oct 17, 2008 in Perfume Making
    Producing your own perfume is a great way of learning a new skill and also boost confidence and you will have fun when doing it. Some people make their own homemade or customized perfumes because it has a cheaper prices. You can also make you own per...
  • Perfume : The Facts
    on Oct 16, 2008 in The Facts
    Perfume : Fact 160% - 90% of the cost of commercial perfume is marketing, not materials. The cost is not reflecting the cost of the materials. Most people think that designer perfume has all kinds of expensive and precious ingredients, and that's wha...
  • Apply Perfume for Longer Lasting Results
    on Oct 16, 2008 in Apply Perfume
    Whatever perfume you bought, expensive and branded name, but if you do not know the proper way to apply them, then the goal will be unmet. It is important to apply your perfume at the right places of the body so that it will last as long as it can fo...
  • Tips to Test The Perfume Before Buy
    on Oct 16, 2008 in How To Choose and Buy?
    Always try the fragrance on your skin before buy. A fragrance sprayed on a cardboard piece of paper will give you an inkling of how it smells but not how it will smell on YOU. Not all fragrances smell the exact same on each person coz different perso...
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