FabFags and the City is an online network between three young adults. Desiree, Venus and Libra are a sexy threesome who blog about their experiences throughout life. There are times of awkwardness, humour and love. But most importantly, Fabulosity!

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Latest Blog Posts for FabFags and the City

  • Happy Leap Day!
    on Feb 29, 2012 in Libra
    Libra here AGAIN.GEEZ SOMEONE ELSE BLOG!I just wanted to put something up for the 29th of February! Yes, commemorating days that occur as infrequently as once every four years through blogging is indeed  necessary and special. I started uni WOO.
  • A Valentine's Day Blog (Fail)
    on Feb 14, 2012 in Libra
    Happy Valentines Day!Libra all alone here. I wish I had something exciting to blog about but I don't. Anyways I'll just be rambling on since I have nothing better than to do. I stayed at home intending to eat cake and be sad but my moods are kin...
  • I want to give up, but hope is too persistant
    on Feb 12, 2012 in Libra
    Libra!So I'll recap what happened yesterday when I met up with oppositeguy for uni-related business.I was done shopping with the decoration team for Queer prom and quickly walked over to the train station. I checked my phone and I had three missed ca...
  • Withdraw(al)
    on Feb 9, 2012 in Libra
    I don't know the theory behind music and why certain types appeal to certain types of people. For example, and I really don't wish to drag on about oppositeguy here (lol), but he appreciates death metal and classical whilst I'm sort of the opposite.
  • Testing the Waters
    on Feb 8, 2012
    Libra here again.I guess I've got to give him a name now since I'm going to reference him again. Let's call him Oppositeguy because he's interested in the total opposite things as I am. Asides from this, Oppositeguy is the only guy so far from univer...
  • Primitive Signs
    on Feb 7, 2012 in Libra
    So currently my pastime of choice for bus rides is a book called 'The marriage plot' by (I'm not bothered enough to go look for the author's name, I think it's) Jeffrey Eugenedes or something like that. Anyways it's a little slow plot-wise and I'm al...
  • It's 4am. Let's Swim Naked!
    on Feb 2, 2012 in Venus
    Venus BlogIt's been so long since I last posted! But I had a fabulous time last night that I thought I should post about :)I went with an old high school friend to my favourite Enmore pub for some typical Wednesday night Lesbian times. We watched exc...
  • The Sloth
    on Jan 29, 2012 in ShyRed
    Hey GuysWow i didn't notice how rarely I blog. Everytime i'm in a mood to blog I start then the feeling goes away.Molly (My dog) had to be put down 2 weeks ago which made me really sad as I always felt quite a deep attachment to her, more so than my...
  • Sunday rest
    on Jan 28, 2012 in Desiree
    I was bored and i found this on youtube! This is literally how i act every christmas. Oh hi Mum, THANKS For this thing that I Don't use, that's okay! i'll leave them in my cupboard for the rest of its shelf life. And Libra, seriously? u study art des...
  • Racism
    on Jan 25, 2012 in Desiree
    since i already started talking bout racism, I am not gona stop just there!I feel sad when people stereotype other races, like my friend libra did once to aboriginal folks, it was like wtF? but i dont blame him, hes the classic self hating asian. and...
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