Little tips on how to speed up your metabolism for greater progress in your weight loss journey!

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Latest Blog Posts for Boost your metabolism!

  • List of metabolism boosting foods
    on Aug 5, 2013 in foods that boost metabolism
    Foods that have an ability to boost your metabolism are, broadly speaking, protein-rich and unprocessed. Almonds (raw)  Apples  Asparagus  Beef Beans  Berries Blueberries  Cabbage Canola Oil Carrots  Cayenne P...
  • What Causes Belly Fat
    on Oct 18, 2010 in belly fat metabolism
    Dr. Roald Strand explains what causes belly fat. Sure, it can be a genetic predisposition, and most definitely the result of a bad diet, but new theories show that environmental toxins could also play a role.
  • Why my diet doesn't work?!
    on Sep 28, 2010 in why my diet doesn't work
    Let me ask you something! How come more and more people around us are "on a diet", yet we are getting fatter and fatter every day? Are you on a low calories bandwagon too, or have you already given up? If that's so... and there's a good chance tha...
  • Which diet program is best?
    on Sep 12, 2010 in best diet program
    According to Desease Control and Prevention Center, at any given time 2/3 of all adult Americans are on diet! There's no shortage of diets either. Some diet programs come and go, but there are four that stood the test of time. Cynthia Sass looks at...
  • Does cardio excercise works?
    on Aug 26, 2010 in metabolism boosting exercise
    Are you wasting time doing cardio? Short duration exercise is better than long, claims Ori Hofmekler, author of groundbreaking Warrior and Anti-estrogenic diet. Cues for uninitiated: Lifting weights, resistance training & sprinting. From few s...
  • Jillian Michaels' metabolism tips
    on Aug 9, 2010 in jilian michaels
    Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser fame, and author of Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!, followed by equally successful The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook and The Master Your...
  • Lose weight eating pizza!
    on Jul 7, 2010 in fad diets
    Matt McClellan claims he lost 24 pounds, 5 inches from his waistline - with 30-Day Pizza Diet! He says that pizza is not junk food, we're just trained to eat it wrong. He eats a slice of pizza every 3 hours and exercises an hour a day. While we...
  • New food pyramid
    on Jun 23, 2010 in new food pyramid
    New USDA Dietary Guidelines could bring dramatically different looking food pyramid! Every five years, USDA comes with new dietary guidelines. By the end of the year, they will change the food pyramid again, explains Dr. Richard Besser. This is...
  • Your workouts SUCK!
    on May 14, 2010 in why I can't lose weight
    Get a FREE report called 5 Reasons Why Most Workouts Suck! Gotta looove the heading: If You’re Making Even Just One Of These 5 Simple Workout Mistakes You Might As Well Be Skipping The Gym And Sitting On The Couch Eating Ice-Cream OUCH!:) It’s...
  • Steroids are breaking your heart!
    on May 12, 2010 in steroids
    Another reason why *not* to use steroids for muscle building:...
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