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Latest Blog Posts for Meinem Fenster

  • China Earthquake grabs 80 Lives
    on Sep 8, 2012 in News
    Beijing, The death toll from the earthquake that struck southwest China continues to grow dramatically. So far at least 80 people were reported killed and 795 others injured by a series of earthquakes.Local authorities said the death toll increased d...
  • 'Star Trek: The Original Series' doodle
    on Sep 8, 2012 in News
    For you fans of Star Trek, did you open a web site search engine Google today, Saturday (09/08/2012). Decorative design the Google logo, or commonly called doodle, celebrating the anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series to-46.Each letter in the...
  • Kepler-47, System Planets Orbiting the Star 2
    on Sep 8, 2012 in Science
    Astronomy experts from various associations, universities, and institutes of astronomy, announced the discovery of a new form of multi-system transit circumbinary planet first. Where two planets orbiting a pair of stars.These findings indicate planet...
  • Empire State Building Shooting
    on Aug 25, 2012 in News
    Two people were killed and nine others wounded in a shooting outside the Empire State Building in New York on Friday, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters near the scene.According to information compiled RIA Novosti, all who were injured - two...
  • Wounds of the Vietnam War, Is Human Conduct?
    on Aug 25, 2012 in News
         The Vietnam War was over decades ago, but the scars are still felt by millions of people directly or indirectly involved until now and who knows until when. One of the stories are very tragic and still leaves deep sorrow and still...
  • How To Quickly Update PageRank
    on Aug 24, 2012 in Tutorial
    These steps and quick way on Google PageRank update? Indeed, we should never underestimate the marketing information dissemination system with fast seo? And in this post as an admin will try to invite my friend to take advantage of all the awesomenes...
  • Brontomerus Mcintoshi, The New Dinosaur
    on Aug 24, 2012 in Science
     Recently, scientists in the United States discovered the fossilized remains of a new type of dinosaur, named Brontomerus mcintoshi. Scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom found the fossilized remains of dinosaurs in the state...
  • Higgs Boson
    on Jul 9, 2012 in Science
    Particles that are consistent with the Higgs Boson has been found. Particles were found to have a mass of about 125 gigaelectrovolts (GeV), corresponding Higgs boson mass is predicted by physicists. These particles also have a behavior similar to the...
  • Fosil Dinosaurus Berbulu , T-rex atau Allosaurus?
    on Apr 8, 2012 in Pengetahuan
    Telah ditemukan fosil spesies berbulu raksasa yang mirip dengan fosil Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex). Fosil ini ditemukan oleh Palaeontolog di Cina. Sebelumnya memang telah diketahui bahwa beberapa dinosaurus kecil memang memiliki bulu yang mirip burung,n...
  • Feathered Dinosaur Fossils, T-rex or Allosaurus?
    on Apr 8, 2012 in Science
    It has been found fossil species of hairy giants similar to the fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex). This fossil was discovered by Palaeontologists in China. Previously it was known that some small dinosaurs did have feathers like a bird, but the d...
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