Daggerbite, A Dwarf Fortress in the land of murder and magpies... Strike the Earth!

Owner: Butcher_Pete

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Tags: dwarffortress, striketheearth, bay12, livinghistory, letsplay

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Latest Blog Posts for Daggerbite

  • Overseers Note: Update so far
    on Mar 28, 2012 in overseer
    So I thought I'd pen a little note at this point. Firstly to advise I'll be away over the next few days (maybe a week) so the posts will slow down a lot more. In typical dwarf fashion I'll be drinking my body weight in booze over the weekend. Or at l...
  • Vampire Attack: Led Suvasiden
    on Mar 25, 2012 in Vampire
    It is late summer of 255, and Led Suvasiden (a ranger) has been discovered drained of blood. We are unsure of the undead fiend which has caused this. Curse his dark nature! Chalk up one more kill for the unknown vampire of Daggerbite...
  • SIEGE: The Attack of Lashing (Late Spring 255)Part of The War of Traps. This siege comprised of Trolls and Goblins, swordsmen and pikemen, lashers and macemen - and worst of all!! Goblin Bowmen! To the burrows and quick! The first wave attempts to make an entrance via our secondary ent...
  • The Thirsty Booze Barney of 255
    on Mar 24, 2012 in murder work MADNESS
    In the late spring 255 we have a number of thirsty dwarf related incidents. Despite having massive stockpiles of booze (500+) and a large stockpile with lots of barrels and pots of different drink types, several dwarves die of thirst. Tun Dedukiteb...
  • The Nourishing Umbra
    on Mar 24, 2012 in Legendary Items
    Created in late summer of 255, The Nourishing Umbra was a gray chalcedony bed, encrusted with radiant cut chalcedonies. Stodir Urvadbekar (gem setter) was the creator of this treasure...
  • Vampire Attack: Goden Idenetur
    on Mar 24, 2012 in Unknown Death Vampire
    In the mid summer of 255, Goden Idenetur (a dwarven child), is discovered drained of blood! It seems like we have another undead fiend to deal with! We shall add his unknown killer to the list of currently known vampires...
  • Enemies of Daggerbite!
    on Mar 20, 2012 in enemies
    Enemies of Daggerbite, please take a ticket. We will deal with you shortly Zom Growlcruel - in 254 Zom led The Onslaught of Razors Zom was a goblin from a nation called The Evils of Colouring He favoured a copper great axe During his time as...
  • Year 254 Stats
    on Mar 18, 2012 in Yearly Stats
    Top Killers for our fourth year - 13 kills - Dodok Worktactics - Marksdwarf. 6 notable kills (4 x goblin, 1 x troll, 1 x minotaur) 7 other kills (4 x raven woman, 1 x Thrips man, 1 x raven man, 1 x badger woman)  11 kills - Kubruk Basementflesh...
  • Year Four (254)
    on Mar 18, 2012 in Yearly Updates
    Year 254- Year Four was a bloody and turbulent year. The year four stats are available here. A few non-threats were ordered to be attacked for target practice by X Squad. Whilst his colleagues were happily shooting away at Thrips men, Craf...
  • Vampire Attack: Ral Rimtarbidok
    on Mar 18, 2012 in Unknown Death Vampire
    Ral Rimtarbidok was discovered drained of blood in the latter part of 254. One witness, a dwarf child, pins the crime upon Oddom Lelumdegel.  We know Oddom by another name - Cubra Kirosfatab 'Stoppedroofs' a cursed vampire of the nigh...
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