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Latest Blog Posts for Bird Directory

  • Pet Bird Illnesses
    on Nov 16, 2014
    The Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook claims that birds are the third most popular pet in the United States behind dogs and cats. And with almost 4.5 million bird-owning households in the country, bird owners are more common than many peopl...
  • Effective Bird Feather Filtration - 6 Features Your Cleaner Needs To Work
    on Nov 15, 2014
    Having pet birds in your home add lots of fun to life. They can also add dust from feathers, wings, and dander. Add this to the normal indoor pollutants such as dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, and seasonal pollen and you've got air that is...
  • Bird Digital Photography Tips
    on Nov 15, 2014
    If first starting out in wildfowl photographs, you'll desire a minimum of a telephoto camera lens and a tripod. The telephoto camera lens must have a focal length of close to 300mm or maybe more. The more the focal length, the further you're able to...
  • The Camping Stool As a Tool For Bird Watching
    on Oct 31, 2014
    Many bird watchers out there have their share of fancy equipment like binoculars, scope, bird guides, bird song players and a whole bunch of other gadgets. However, a lot of them forget about the fact that they are going to be walking around all day...
  • Different Types of Birds According to Their Diets
    on Oct 27, 2014
    A good understanding of the foods birds eat can help us to get them nearer to us. Birds help to add life to the trees in your backyard, put some natural sounds in your surroundings, and simply make you feel close to nature. Different types of birds e...
  • Top Ten Bird Feather FAQ & Facts
    on Oct 20, 2014
    We've all picked up, vacuumed and swept up millions of feathers. But what do we really know about feathers? This article lists some interesting facts and frequently asked questions about feathers. What are feathers made of? Feathers are made of...
  • 7 Tips For Better Wild Bird Pictures
    on Oct 13, 2014
    Capturing great bird stock photos can be challenging at times, but with good preparation, the right equipment and a few simple tips, it can also be quite fun and rewarding. What follows are our top tips for capturing better stock bird photos.Know You...
  • Capturing Birds in Flight
    on Oct 10, 2014
    A shot of a bird in flight has always been a challenge to photographers. Seeing a perfect print image only serves to make them eager to create the same result. Photographing a bird in flight presents one problem, but capturing that one special bird-i...
  • Myths About Sexing African Greys
    on Oct 7, 2014
    If you have an African Grey and don't know if it's a cock (male) or hen (female) then you've probably tried to figure it out using one of the following myths. These myths can be found all over the internet, forums and blogs. The myths are spread by o...
  • How to Create a Healthy Diet Plan for Your Pet Bird
    on Oct 4, 2014
    Even though they have become quite common, birds are still considered to be exotic pets. This is the reason why many owners are not sure about the right way in which to feed them. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to offer only seeds as they do not offe...
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