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Latest Blog Posts for RL: Teh Bleh and Other Mundanities

  • What a Beaut.
    on Aug 14, 2016 in guitar hollow body pp
    Oh mai. I mean LOOK at this beauty: this tal farlow guitar is just beautiful. It is like its title suggested, a hollow body guitar. This makes the thing give out the most delicious of sounds. You can tell it was well oiled and formed to get out the b...
  • D.Y.I. Chandelier Fun
    on Apr 22, 2016 in chandeliers crafts pp project
    You know what would be so cool? Having a hanging chandelier. Sure, that is mostly for houses and halls with large space (though I've seen cute small sized chandeliers used in interesting ways) but that doesn't mean I can't dream! Now, ind you I know...
  • Rings I'd Actually Wear.
    on Apr 7, 2016 in platinum pp rings wedding
    Now, I have never been that big into marriage. In fact I am rather okay with being a singleton right now. That and rings generally annoy my fingers. But then again I always saw typical wedding rings as gaudy overly done hot messes that screamed, 'ple...
  • Vintage Goodness
    on Apr 6, 2016 in amp guitar pp vintage
    Now this is what I call an awesome gift idea! This fender deluxe is something that would make even the most hardcore guitar fan drool. I just am in love with the vintage style of the amp and how it hearkens back to the 60's in retro awesomeness. That...
  • Adorable Ukuleles
    on Mar 24, 2016 in music pp ukulele
    I always found ukuleles adorable. They are just as appealing as mini drums, mini burgers and mini well anything! But, unlike say mini combs and mini hats which are more for novelty than use, a ukulele is like a mini guitar but is still usable and can...
  • A Timpani Good Time
    on Jan 30, 2016 in instruments music pp timpani
    I haven't seen a timpani in years! Last I saw one, I was in concert band in high school. Okay, that's not quite true. There was that time I saw the Boston Pops in the park. Either way, I loved the booming sound a timpani does whether outside or indoo...
  • College Rings for My Return to College
    on Jan 29, 2016 in college pp rings school
    Ah college. That thing I am seriously planning on going back to. I have a degree, but after years of putting it off, I think it is time for me to return. Thing is, I never felt a kinship with my college. Oh, I made friends and met cool professors but...
  • Speakers Ahoy!
    on Dec 8, 2015 in music pp speakers
    I just saw this cool rokit speaker (aka monitors...I call it how I sees it and those are speakers/sub woofers) and am tempted to pick em up. They are small, can easily fit on and around my computer desk, and give a great amount of sound for the size...
  • Holiday Guitar Shopping
    on Nov 24, 2015 in deals guitar pp shopping
    The holiday season is looks like it is time to go window shopping! I saw a few beginner packs featuring guitars. All of these pretty and awesome sounding guitars are all in one place to ogle at! The prices are rather nice too...not t...
  • Sax Memories
    on Sep 4, 2015 in instruments music pp sax saxophone
    Oh man, seeing an alto sax brings back my band geek memories. I was adventurous in my high school band class. I tried near everything: clarinets, saxophones, percussion... I saw this yamaha g1 for an alto sax and was just mesmerized at its craftsmans...
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