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Latest Blog Posts for Macro Investing Strategy

  • Money Supply Analysis
    on Dec 18, 2012 in Inflation and Money
    I undertake money supply analysis through examination of total commercial bank liabilities in domestic currency. The rate of commercial bank lending explains the business cycle better than traditional measures of the money supply. Further analysis, c...
  • Gold Correlation Analysis
    on Dec 6, 2012 in Gold Investing Strategy
    Short-term movements in price suggest gold is a risk-off asset. The gold correlation with risk-on assets like oil and equities should be negative in this scenario. However, the evidence suggests that gold behaves like a commodity in the long-run. Gol...
  • The Relationship between Gold and Money Supply
    on Nov 29, 2012 in Gold Investing Strategy
    What is the relationship between gold and money supply? Many believe that changes in the gold price are simply the product of money supply changes. More money relative to a fixed supply of gold leads to a higher gold price and vice-versa. In reality,...
  • The Relationship between Gold and Inflation
    on Nov 26, 2012 in Gold Investing Strategy
    It is widely believed that the relationship between gold and inflation is a strong one. But when one looks at the relationship between gold and CPI, it can be demonstrated that there is no enduring relationship. So what is the explanation for this fi...
  • Is Gold a Good Investment?
    on Oct 24, 2012 in Gold Investing Strategy
    Is gold a good investment? Well, let’s be clear from the outset: I don’t regard gold as a long-term investment at all. However, gold will preserve the purchasing power of your wealth through time. The performance of the economy is the key factor...
  • The S&P 500 in Gold
    on Oct 10, 2012 in Gold Ratios
    By re-basing the S&P 500 in gold, we see the true magnitude of the equity cycle over the last 80 years. Although the dollar based series is volatile, the true size of swings in the S&P 500 has been masked by movements in the dollar. The curre...
  • The Silver Gold Ratio
    on Oct 3, 2012 in Gold Ratios
    There is perhaps no more effective means of valuing silver than through the silver gold ratio. Historically, both gold and silver have been used as money and so expressing one by means of the other is a powerful valuation technique. Both silver and p...
  • The Oil Gold Ratio
    on Sep 28, 2012 in Gold Ratios
    By using gold as a currency, we can value the price of crude oil price using the oil gold ratio. This ratio is independent of the US dollar and the unreliable CPI measure of inflation. The oil gold ratio suggests oil is evenly priced at the moment. D...
  • US GDP in Gold
    on Sep 17, 2012 in Gold Ratios
    By rebasing US GDP in gold rather than the CPI, the true extent of the economic cycle is revealed, from expansion to depression. Using gold to rebase nominal variables avoids the distortions and smoothing effect brought about by the CPI. The gold reb...
  • The Japanese Yield Curve
    on Aug 31, 2012 in Investment Timing
    The Japanese yield curve reveals the true state of Japanese monetary policy over the last 20 years. Has it really been ultra loose as suggested by the low short-term rate or more moderate? Examination of the Japanese yield curve also has implications...
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