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  • Prevents and controls nutritional therapy which the young child coughs
    on May 11, 2009
      * When when the baby has the cough, the phlegm yellow the tongue coating also yellow, belongs to the phlegm heat cough, this time may use the turnip to make the soup, or fries the turnip silk.The turnip has the refrigeration phlegm reduction fu...
  • The woman holds the high tide 10 greatly wonderful moves
    on May 11, 2009
      Because the nature is insufficiently experienced, many females when bed did not know how to try to please opposite party, perhaps A piece of study technique utilization on opposite party body. What however they did not understand, the majority...
  • Sleeping pill side effect
    on May 11, 2009 in Sleeping pill
    Many loses sleep the patient actually for the sleeping draught institute painstakingly, the sleeping draught brings responded not good is nearly puzzling the patient who all takes medicine for a long time, causes their sleep not to be calmer and stea...
  • Flap the circle and has the oxygen to hold loses weight successfully
    on Apr 29, 2009 in lose weight
    Height: 173 cm loses weight the precursor to be heavy: 92kg loses weight the postosome to be heavy: 71kg losing weight time: half past yearHow pain does half year lose weight in the process to meet?  1st, starts time little eats the thing, evenin...
  • The premature ejaculation 10 moves help oneself
    on Apr 29, 2009 in Premature ejaculation
      The premature ejaculation creates the huge setback and the attack for the masculine self-confidence, has affected sex life between husband's and wife's.The premature ejaculation besides consults doctor promptly, but also has very many is must d...
  • Vigilant! The frequent sex life vagina can not tight
    on Apr 29, 2009
    Japan's girls get Asia in the natural aspect open degree first, the moral criterion relaxation, similarly also manifests in them privately place on.The investigation data indicated that, has 1/3 people in the middle of the Japanese females to reduce...
  • Helps the female to relieve ten big mold warnings
    on Apr 29, 2009
      In 75% feminine life contracts mycotic vaginitis (in medicine to be called “rayon saccharomycetes vulva vaginitis” at least), formation rate high, the reason very is so simple: Feminine vagina pH value many in 3.8-4.4 scopes, is a meta-acid...
  • The cervical vertebra gets sick six big signals
    on Apr 27, 2009
      The work in the office white-collars, shouts the neck to be sore frequently, this often is the cervical vertebra in the unseemly behavior, possibly has contracted the cervical vertebra inflammation, or cervical vertebra dislocation, if takes th...
  • Vigilant feminine ovary
    on Apr 27, 2009 in ovary
      The aging is one of main questions which the woman most is afraid, most pays attention.Since long-time, also is stems from aged to the feminine appearance biggest threat causing trouble.Therefore, female throughout in and senile resistance.From...
  • How does the woman obtain the sexual climax
    on Apr 27, 2009 in sexual climax
      I am teach the sexual knowledge in the university for the students.My this class is called the human sex act, has covered from the hormone to male and female hairstyle each matter, but my students can neglect other generally, but enters directl...
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