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Latest Blog Posts for RedRoverLife

  • Dreaming
    on Nov 27, 2012 in dreaming
     Photo Credit: AnnaWritesI love dreaming.Sometimes my dreams frighten me.  I wake up in sweat or jump up with a jolt as my heart pounds madly.  Other times, I wake up shouting at nothing in particular, a feeling of anger rushing throug...
  • Book: The Boy In The Stripped PyjamasSetting: 1942 in Berlin, Germany during World War II. Category: HolocaustAge Level: Middle school and upMain character: Bruno, a naive 9-year-old German boy who comes from a well-off family. Plot: Bruno has a privileged life. He lives in a...
  • Can I Have Your Job Please?
    on Oct 30, 2012 in flower kiosk happiness job
    Photo Credit: ArchengineEvery workday, I pass by this tiny flower kiosk near the escalator on my way out of the train station.   It's small, enough to fit a few people inside. There's a back door that leads to a storage area for t...
  • Just Because You're An Adult, It Doesn't Mean That...
    on Oct 22, 2012
     Photo Credit: sodahead.comYou don't get pimples.Sure, you get less because you're no longer going through puberty, but you'll still get them.  In fact, my 40-something-year-old former coworker can attest to that.  He came into work on...
  • Book: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time "This will not be a funny book. I cannot tell jokes because I do not understand them." Christopher BooneI got teary-eyed a few times reading this on the train, which I'm sure freaked out the stranger sitting next to me. The book I was reading,&...
  • Poem: My Friend
    on Oct 11, 2012 in poem my friend
    Photo Credit: The Middle RoadWatch out!But you never didI told you many times where this would leadI guess you never heard my screamsEchoing through the wallsI even warned you when I grazed your shoulderDuring those sleepless nightsBut all you felt w...
  • Book: Live Wire
    on Oct 3, 2012 in Harlan Coben book review Live Wire
    Harlan Coben is a writer of mystery and thriller novels who has had a few #1 New York Times bestsellers.  And yet, somehow  I have never read any of his books until now. I must admit, I would have never read a Harlan Coben book had it not b...
  • Growing Up
    on Oct 1, 2012 in growing up adulthood
    Photo Credit: Benefitnet.comThe worst part about growing up is that eventually we all become adults. With adulthood comes responsibilities. Gone are the days of having parents pay for everything and not having to worry when or where the next pay...
  • Open Source SoftwareWritten by: Noteforself Photo Credit: custom-build-computers.comI bought my newest computer over the summer at Costco.  It is an HP laptop that was on sale for $450. It has a 17 inch display at 1600×900 resolution, and it came with Wi...
  • Short Story: Starting Over Part 2
    on Sep 26, 2012 in starting over story
    Barbara sat staring at the manila envelope on her laptop.  She had come home determined to finish what she had set her mind on, but it was easier said than done.  Could she really muster up the strength to do this?  Just throw all thos...
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