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  • Chili peppers cultivationChile pepper plants is a type of seasonal crops – annual plant – which only live for one season, then died. If cultivated, this plant can grow and produce for several months after planting, after which it will die. Types … Continue...
  • Grape cure asthma
    on Nov 29, 2012 in Grape Grape cure asthma
    Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease which is characterized by bronchial hyperactivity – the sensitivity of respiratory tract to various stimuli. Asthma is a hereditary disease, which is not contagious, and often occurs in the middle of the...
  • Spicy flavors in chiliThe diversity taste of chili Spicy chili flavor on the cuisine, not only determined by the amount of chili used, but is also determined by the type of chili pepper used. Spicy flavor that tasted less spicy. Each variety of … Continue reading &#...
  • Eating chili peppers
    on Nov 21, 2012 in Chili Pepper chili chili pepper
    Each nation has different customs in eating chili peppers. Some people are much enjoyed chili peppers, while most other nations, not too fond of chili peppers. Demand for chili peppers in each country vary, depending on the passion ate chili …...
  • History of the name of chiliFor hundreds years since the pepper plants were found by the Europeans, the chili is still called in the original language, Spanish is the language that the use of the Indians, the aji or AXI. Most of the European spice … Continue reading ͛...
  • History of chili pepperThe origin of chili pepper Who does not know chili pepper? Want to know about the history of chili pepper? I’ll write information about the history of chili pepper, which may be a lot of people do not know. Chili … Continue reading →...
  • What is chili pepper?Chili included in the group of vegetables. Previously, chili – classified as kitchen herbs (spicy), including any group, all the people know that vegetables come from Mexico. And everyone has felt the spicy chili. During its development, not on...
  • What is honey
    on Nov 7, 2012 in Honey honey
    What is honey and what is bee? Honey is a sweet and sticky foods made by honey bees from flower plants (floral nectar) or other parts of plants (extra floral nectar) or excretion of the insect. In the summer of … Continue reading →What is...
  • Causes of Aging
    on Nov 6, 2012 in Anti Aging aging
    The aging process is a natural process that will be experienced by everyone. However, not all people experience the aging of the skin according to age. Because of individual genes controlling the natural aging process, some people may find their R...
  • Health benefits of honeyHoney, straight from the nest, has been used worldwide for thousands of years to promote recovery. This is just an example of how pure raw honey is being used with amazing results. Not everyone knows the Health benefits of Honey, … Continue rea...
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