A simple blog about tips and tricks I have figured out for living in a tiny apartment, decorating, arts and crafts, and indoor gardening, plus other fun helpful things!

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Latest Blog Posts for Thoughts From A Shoebox Apartment

  • Guess Who's Back...Back Again...
    on Dec 11, 2012
    So I apologize my lovelies for not posting last night. I have an excellent excuse though. Well not excellent for me, but useful to you!Unfortunately the fungus gnats have come back...(dun dun dun...) or maybe they never truly left? Either way they ne...
  • Per Request...Potpourri!
    on Dec 3, 2012
    Ok so my apologies but this blog will become a weekly thing instead of daily. I simply don't have time to do this everyday. Believe it or not, a lot of thought goes into my posts!Anyways, it was requested that I explain how I make potpourri. I tend n...
  • Deck The Halls! (or Shoebox...)
    on Nov 26, 2012
    Sorry for my absence the last few days...So, its only been a few days past Thanksgiving and people are already decorating for Christmas! It seems early to me but hey, whatever floats your boat. Today, I'm going to talk about cheap ways I decorate my...
  • Gobble Gobble!
    on Nov 22, 2012
    So with Thanksgiving tomorrow, well i guess its today..., I thought I would share my de-bloating/ tummy trouble secrets. We all know the food is great. The aftermath? Maybe not... I know that this holiday is all about eating your fill but lets f...
  • Noisy Neighbors...
    on Nov 20, 2012
    So lets get right down to it. Having neighbors share a wall with you can be incredibly obnoxious at times. Especially if the wall you share happens to have your loft bed nailed to it and your trying to sleep at 2am... So how do I deal with this? Well...
  • Be Creative and Free!
    on Nov 19, 2012
    Today's post will be short. I'm too tired to rant on and on as usual. But I wanted to rant shortly about how difficult it is to decorate a small space. Usually you don't have a whole lot of wall space because you probably have a lot of furniture to s...
  • Giant Windows, A Sheet, And Curtains! Oh My!
    on Nov 18, 2012
    So everyone (normally) has windows. However, not everyone has huge old 6 ft high windows to hang curtains in... This is what I happen to have in my shoebox, so this is how I made cheap curtains to block out light, the cold, and some sound.Please excu...
  • Simply Awesome
    on Nov 17, 2012
    So this post is also going to be plant related too... I just have to throw this out there. I know that living in a small space and having plants is tough, let alone if you have limited experience caring for a plant. However, There is one plant I woul...
  • Don't Drown The Plant Babies!
    on Nov 17, 2012
    So its not very good to water your plants too much. Yes, watering them is a must but sometimes its hard to tell when enough is enough. Its not like that can "say when" like we do. Each plant is unique as well which can make the process of proper wate...
  • The Fungus Gnat Invasion
    on Nov 15, 2012
    So as I stated in my last post, I will be talking about the most vile of tiny creatures to have ever invaded my shoebox... Fungus Gnats... (insert Jaws music here)Do not be fooled! These little demons are not fruit flies. Although I despise them as w...
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