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Latest Blog Posts for Trey R. Barker - Official Website and Blog

  • Family Jewels: Golden Jewels
    on Jul 26, 2011 in Family Jewels
    So this kid, Conrad Reed, comes wandering along the Georgian outback one day back in 1799.  Trips across a 17-pound rock in the stream on his father’s property. Turns out the rock is a gold nugget. Seventeen pounds. So they do what any self-re...
  • CopStories: A Little Sinus Medication
    on Jul 14, 2011 in CopStories
    It was a simple traffic stop. Not even my traffic stop, actually.  A local department had been first to see a car that had been skulking around a local ag place.  Supposedly someone had seen someone in that car with a red gas can.  The thought was...
  • Adventures in Hospital Land, Pt. 3: Dude, don’t say that!
    on Jul 2, 2011 in Random Thoughts
    A short update. Went to my doc the other day.  He wanted to see how things were going twelve days hence.  Poked. Prodded.  Listened.  Laughed at what I’d said to the heart doc. Then said, sort of out of nowhere, “I’m glad we did...
  • Adventures in Hospital Land, Pt 2: It’s So Warm
    on Jun 21, 2011 in Random Thoughts
    And they’re pumping those fluids…. So there’s this tech: John.  Yacks and yacks and yacks.  No doubt trying to put me at ease.  Admirable enough goal, I guess, considering I’m about to get all kinds of medical crap jammed u...
  • CopStories: Honestly…it ain’t my dope.
    on Jun 19, 2011 in CopStories
    We get goofy calls all the time.  It’s the nature of the beast…and quite frequently, the beast is insane. When I’d been at the Sheriff’s Office like twenty minutes or something, I answered the phone and got this: “I nee...
  • Adventures in Hospital Land, Pt. 1
    on Jun 17, 2011 in Random Thoughts
      So I had a stress test a few days ago. I figure what the hell, it’s been ten years since the heart attack and it’s probably time to get in there and do some mopping, maybe a bit of window washing, some bush trimming…whatever.
  • CopStories: 120 Days
    on Jun 4, 2011 in CopStories
    This is what I wrote May 6 - “Do you see it?  Can you tell me what color the sky is?  I promise you she will bring that brand new baby into court with her.  I guarantee she will use it to keep him out of jail.” It was a case of aggrava...
  • Two Branches Looking For A Match
    on May 31, 2011 in Random Thoughts
    A few months ago, journalist Jay Rosen wrote about James O’Keefe’s take down of NPR. For those who don’t remember, O’Keefe (a cheap performance artist who’s sloppy editing somehow manages to fool everyone just long enoug...
  • The Family Jewels: He’s got a rock!
    on May 24, 2011 in Family Jewels
    In about the 4th grade, I developed an interest in family history. I’m sure it came from ‘Roots,’ because that was the national rage then.  The white adults I knew were laughing about the character Chicken George and calling most blacks by tha...
  • What Dreams May Come
    on May 16, 2011 in Random Thoughts
    So my dreams have been excruciatingly odd lately.  The last few months, anyway. But really in the last handful of weeks.  Full of violence and that strange all-encompassing melancholy you find in dreams (which always manifests, for me, with the kno...
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