Please join me as I chronicle my transformation from Liberalism to Conservatism. I also provide commentary on current events.

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Latest Blog Posts for Right of Sean Hannity

  • Arizona Is Not Racist
    on May 14, 2010 in Perspective
    I have taken a six-month hiatus from posting but the hysterical reaction to the AZ immigration law has prompted me to return in order to correct the lies and misinformation that the Left unabashedly circulates. As I listen to supposed “news” peop...
  • The Latest Example Of Leftist Hypocrisy
    on Nov 20, 2009 in Perspective
    One of the keys to my transition from the Left to the Right was finding consistency in life. I have attempted to eliminate all elements of hypocrisy from my life so it is extremely frustrating when politicians and/or the media perpetrate this on a d...
  • I’m Able to Buy a Pool Using Obamanomics
    on Sep 13, 2009
    I make a decent living and my wife is extremely responsible with our finances. Because of this and good advice from Dave Ramsey, we are well on our way to a debt free life. However, we both would like an in ground pool, which costs approximately $4...
  • GUOTL # 12 - "Safety Net"
    on Aug 17, 2009 in Growing Up on the Left (GUOTL)
    After flunking out of two universities and not having a means to make a living, a person has two choices. One can stand up, accept adulthood, and get a job; or they can do as I did: refuse to grow up and move back home with mommy and daddy. This s...
  • The Answer
    on Aug 13, 2009 in Perspective
    Last night I voted on a Facebook poll that asked if I would support the re-election of Obama. Of course, I responded no. This post prompted one of my friends to ask me a simple but intriguing question. My friend’s question: Why? Keep it objecti...
  • I Can Answer Your Question Mr. Specter
    on Aug 11, 2009 in Perspective
    I have to give him a miniscule amount of credit. Arlen Specter held another Town Hall meeting today even after being trounced at his last event. However, it was the interview that he gave afterward that quickly reminded me why I celebrated the day...
  • The Left Doesn’t Believe in the 1st Amendment
    on Aug 8, 2009 in Rants
    Since the Leftist Progressives gained control of all three branches of government they are making their idea of public debate very clear – if you don’t support the Liberal Agenda, SHUT UP! I have been intimately familiar with this attitude for f...
  • AARP Town Hall Meeting on Health Care - Dallas, August 4, 2009
    on Aug 6, 2009 in You Tube Videos
  • The Most Recent Lies and Half Truths About HealthcareLast week was no different than most. I could probably write a nightly post about the Left’s dishonest agenda but last week was ludicrous. Here are a few examples of this week’s misinformation regarding healthcare. By no means is this list all...
  • Obama vs. Obama on Stimulus
    on Jul 27, 2009 in You Tube Videos
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