A light hearted take on life as seen through the eyes of Glen, looking into his past, his present and his future.

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Latest Blog Posts for Glen's Life

  • Beautiful eyesTap.His Typing Finger was a blur.Tap.Two, three, even four, letters per minute were hitting the keypad.Tap…Wait…Backspace.Tap.Writing at this speed cannot possibly be safe. No human can transfer words from their head to their finger at this pace...
  • Somewhere on the wrong side of ReadingMy favorite Angel - Picture from Wikipedia“Where are you now?”The question was simple enough, but tired eyes made the words blurred and dart about the screen in a Dyslexic fever. The eyes struggled on and, finally on the third attempt, managed to...
  • InvisibleHello again – oh don’t have a go – if you haven’t worked out that I'm extremely unreliable on the posting front by now, then you are beyond help! :-)Let’s face it, I'm a bit crap.None the less, every now and again something pops into my min...
  • Because life can be cruel
    on Oct 22, 2015 in 1st world problems family life
    Dear World,Please could you stop being so harsh?All around me I see pain. I don’t want to see pain.Hunger. Not the same kind of “I'm starving” hunger that my kids feel when they can see a packet of crisps on the side at three in the afternoon,...
  • The stupidest Selfie ever - and where to stick it
    on Aug 9, 2015 in family life london selfie selfie stick
    Celebrity Selfie off of GoogleThose of us who have reached a certain age remember a lot of strange things.For instance, I remember when my parent’s TV only showed three channels. Just three. I remember a time when you had to watch all of the advert...
  • The Wife, The Teenager and the Wardrobe
    on Aug 4, 2015 in family home life story wardrobes
    The plan was simple.The plan was good.It just wasn't thought through properly.Our brand new, swanky, spare room needed a wardrobe, while our bank account needed a rest. This led us to an Oxfordshire charity shop in search of a bargain.And we fou...
  • Six years fly by
    on Jul 13, 2015 in blogging life
    Did you know I've been writing here for six years? Six whole years have zipped past since I took to the keypad with a deep held belief that the world needed to hear what I say.So here are a few things that have happened since May 2009…  &...
  • Because teenagers are humans too - apparently
    on Jul 7, 2015 in boys family parents teenage teenager
    I have a question for you…If Dodos and T-Rex are extinct but Teenagers aren't, is this proof that God has still got a strop on about Eve eating the Apple?Adam and Eve’s somewhat prolific begetting went on to make them the Mother and Father of hum...
  • The space that shouldn't existAnd the tears flow.And the space before you is empty. The space that shouldn't exist.A barren future taunts you as it spreads slowly out away from you. It isn't the future that it promised it would be. It’s wrong.It’s changed.She’s gone.Careful...
  • Because I'm better at looking for things than Bono
    on Mar 10, 2015 in health men weight loss
    Confidence can be a slippery bastard to hold onto.Self-worth, esteem, pride and respect can be equally difficult to grasp.And when they are dropped they always land butter side down. There is no five second rule with self-respect, once it hits the fl...
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