How To Quit Smoking successfully given up cigarettes by replacing them with new habits, without quitting "cold turkey," planning a special program, or seeking professional help.

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Latest Blog Posts for QUIT SMOKING

  • No Positive Effects From Smoking Can Be Found
    on Jul 2, 2009
    By Jackie WinnThe underlying purpose of this article is to work out what comprises supposition and what are the truths concerning tobacco smoking and what are the tangible consequences upon wellbeing.During the preceding couple of years, some rights...
  • The 3 Things Needed to Stop Smoking on Willpower Alone
    on Jul 2, 2009
    By Jon James DanielsI used to be a 40 a day man but I stopped smoking just like that. No gum, No patches and no pills. I personally never saw what all the fuss was about. For me it was black and white. If I wanted to smoke, I was a smoker. I chose to...
  • How Does Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Work?
    on Jun 30, 2009
    By Trevor JohnsonIf you are considering trying out hypnosis to quit smoking, you are likely wondering what to expect and exactly how it all works. While many people today remain unaware or unconvinced of the powerful benefits to the process of hypnos...
  • Quit Smoking - Nurse's 10 Best Health Benefits If You Quit Smoking Now! You Can Do It!
    on Jun 30, 2009
    Besides the hundreds of non-health reasons to quit smoking, there are many health benefits to quitting smoking. If you're looking for some good health reasons to stop smoking now, these are just a few of the many health reasons to look for when you q...
  • Quit Smoking Cold Turkey - The Best Way to Quit Smoking
    on Jun 28, 2009
    By Debra ProctorYou want to quit smoking. You've checked out all the options and you really don't like any of them. Using patches and gum that contain nicotine when you are trying to break a nicotine addiction doesn't seem to make sense to you. You d...
  • How to Quit Smoking Pot For Good
    on Jun 28, 2009
    By Yoav ReuveniI used to smoke the green for around 6 years or so. I have now been clean for around 6 months, and I can't begin to tell you how great I feel. While I was smoking pot everything seemed "grayed out" to me, And now I can finally truly en...
  • Discover How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Good Without Withdrawal - 3 Techniques From an Ex-Smoker
    on Jun 23, 2009
    By Nick TuttleLearning how to quit smoking cigarettes will probably be one of the hardest things in your life as it was for me, a 47 year old, 3 packs a day, 25 year smoker.First of all, what made me so angry was that it wasn't all my fault that I ha...
  • Quitting Smoking - The Patch - An Ex-Smoker's Experience
    on Jun 23, 2009
    By Chris Smithers Patches work because they contain nicotine. So if you wear a nicotine patch then you will get your dose of nicotine without making any effort. You just wear it on the skin, usually on your upper arm or even on your butt - Yes, that...
  • Smoking Cessation Tips From an Ex Smoker
    on Jun 23, 2009
    So, you want to quit smoking? First of all, your chances of failing are greater if you are stopping the habit for the wrong reasons. Yes, there are wrong reasons to quit. Some of these reasons are from family pressure, (your kids were scared in schoo...
  • Why You Need to Stop Smoking
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Johnny D TaylorIt takes a lot to quit smoking, and you have to want to stop smoking, if you don't want to quit, then there is no way any pills or advice will work for you.Smoking means any kind of smoke inhalation, cigarette, pipe or passive smoki...
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