Ultimate Athletic Fitness provides training tips, lifestyle and nutition advice, and motivation based around the concept of training like an athlete for overall fitness and health.

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Latest Blog Posts for Ultimate Athletic Fitness

  • How Motivated Are You?
    on Jun 18, 2009 in determination lifestyle motivation
    Here’s another one of my favorite motivational speeches. This could be the best one ever actually. As an athlete it just gives you chills no matter how many times you listen to this. The concept applies to life in general though. Looking at all...
  • Ditch the Excuses and Get to WorkI just wanted to share this video…it puts everything into perspective and also makes you realize how rediculous the excuses are that people have for not working out. There is always something that will come up, so just plan your training accord...
  • Want to Get Lean? Put These Items in Your Kitchen
    on Jun 18, 2009 in Fat Loss lifestyle nutrition
    Do you want to get lean and lose body fat? Make sure your nutrition plan doesn’t suck… I make it very clear to my clients and athletes that I am not a nutritionist. I do however understand the science behind proper nutrition for effective...
  • Old School Training Methods for Fat Loss
    on Jun 18, 2009 in Fat Loss Strength
    Let’s face it; the modern day training client does not have quite the same active lifestyle as people did even 10-15 years ago. In the age of conference calls, online shopping, blackberries, and commuting upwards of an hour to work; people are...
  • Train Like an Athlete for Strength and Fat LossWhich would you rather do? This… Or This… Here’s an article that I wrote recently about why training like an athlete is great for fat loss, overall conditioning, and is just plain cool… As a former collegiate athlete, I see...
  • My Love Affair with Squats
    on Jun 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
    I love squats. Plain and simple. How can you not? Maybe it’s just me being a Capricorn I like them because they are simple, to the point, and dependable. If you do them right you will see results regardless of your training goals. You can manip...
  • Strength Circuits- More Bang for Your Buck
    on Jun 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Here is a video demonstrating three large mucle group movements that will give you high levels of strength, burn a lot of calories, and promote long term fat loss. These exercises will tax the nervous system along with the muscular and cardiovascular...
  • 21 No-Nonsense Fitness and Lifestyle Tips
    on Jun 18, 2009 in Fat Loss Strength lifestyle nutrition
    Fitness is a way of life for me. I love training myself and other people. I love the satisfaction of a hard workout and knowing that each time I’m making myself stronger, more athletic, and healthier. I love helping people reach their goals and...
  • Does Your Training Program Suck?As I sit here overlooking the cardio room of the gym I see something that disgusts me everyday. I see people doing the same monotonis workouts day in and day out. I recently read someone’s take on “working out” versus “trainin...
  • The Best Workout You Will Ever Have…
    on Jun 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
    It’s my new obsession folks. My clients hate it…and then they love it…and then they hate it again… It’s basically the talk of the gym and people give us funny looks when they walk by and see this weird piece of steel bei...
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