Islam is the number one religion of the world. There are more than one billion Islam followers or Muslim around the globe. Islam links people from diverse color, culture, and geography. Muslim Around the Globe should be United and Strong.

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Latest Blog Posts for Islam No. 1

  • Selected Video 1
    on Mar 12, 2012 in Videos
    So, you doubt about Quran? You should see this:What do you think?
  • Islam/Muslim Not Evil: 10 reasons Muslim/Islam followers are not evil
    on Jun 25, 2009 in snippets
    Islam no evilNo evil in Muslim or Islam followers. I meant good Muslim. There at least 10 reasons for that: 1. Islam promotes one god - Allah. And, Allah has the power overall. So, basically there are no confusion and doubt in Muslim. Muslim has a pe...
  • islam, islam religion, islam beliefs
    on May 9, 2009 in snippets
    The most popular Islam keywords according to (May 9, 2009): Searches Keyword 5,524 total searches 2127 islam 284 islam religion 232 islam beliefs 206 when did islam begin 150 bank islam 149 5 pillars of islam 149 nation...
  • Islam South Korea
    on May 2, 2009 in South Korea
    mosque photo: Adhi Laksono BlogEstimated Muslim population (200?):Background:1. 'As a first step towards an effective Islamic work in Korea, the early Muslim brothers organised a Korea Muslim society. This Islamic society elected Almarhum Muhammad Um...
  • Islam Jordan
    on Jan 19, 2009 in Jordan
    mosque photo: Encyclopedia BritannicaEstimated Muslim population (200?):Background:1. 'Jordan is a young country full of natural wonders - graced with sites, shrines and tombs of prophets and companions from the dawn of the Islamic faith' AtlasTours.
  • Islam Mongolia
    on Jan 10, 2009 in Mongolia
    Background:1. 'Ethnic Kazakhs, most of whom are Muslim, are the largest ethnic minority, constituting approximately 6 percent of the population nationwide and 80 percent in the western province of Bayan-Olgiy. Muslims operate approximately 40 mosques...
  • Islam Israel
    on Jan 6, 2009 in Israel
    Islam IsraelMosque photo: UnificationistEstimated Muslim population (200?):Background:1. "Arabs in Israel can vote for whoever they want Arabs in Israel can worship freely Arabs in Israel are entitled to the full same state education as all other Isr...
  • Islam Colombia
    on Dec 24, 2008 in Colombia
    Background:1. 'The statistics for Islam in Colombia estimate a total Muslim population of 85,908, representing 0.2 percent of the population. There are a number of Islamic organizations in Colombia, including Islamic centers in San Andres, Bogota, Gu...
  • Islam Italy
    on Nov 7, 2008 in Italy
    Background:1. "There are 500,000 Muslim immigrants currently resident in Italy, making up 1% of the total population. Most of the Muslims in Italy were born in Morocco, Albania, Tunisia, Sen...
  • Islam Evil: The Saying of Prophet Muhammad Tells It All
    on Nov 3, 2008 in Islam/Muslim Evil? 3
    Islam Evil: The Saying of Prophet Muhammad Tells It All. So, you think Islam Evil? Who knows all about Islam Evil? Prophet Muhammad knows about Islam Evil more than anybody else. Prophet Muhammad deeds and sayings are the proof about Islam Evil.Hadit...
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