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Latest Blog Posts for Diamonds From The Dump

  • To Work is To Eat
    on Nov 19, 2014
    Im back and just wanted to shout out myself for my new job. Yup, I found a job. And I know some people at this point would talk smack about their previous employer, but I don't get down like that- or at least not anymore. I believe I read in Romans t...
  • Eating Caviar While My Tank Is On E
    on Oct 24, 2014
    My lovely, dearest sister, A, called me earlier today and was in panic! She was on her way home, stuck in traffic, and only had 4 miles of gas left in her tank. As some of you may know A lost her job some weeks ago and the struggle has been real for...
  • “I wish I knew what I know now, when I was younger”
    on Oct 15, 2014
    Hello Friends! It’s me, M. I’m alive! I’ve been fine these past weeks, but for some reason I just couldn’t get myself to write. I had brilliant ideas, things that made me mad, tons of things to say, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
  • Sparking Creativity
    on Sep 20, 2014
    Being unemployed has sparked so many ideas in my uncreative brain. I have never been the person to have a million ideas and know exactly what I want to do with my life, in fact, its been the total opposite. So now here I am, everyday just staring int...
  • What Men Want?
    on Aug 27, 2014
    As you know since you read all of our entries, I am really getting into the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Last night (Monday’s episode) showed us that women seem to all want the same thing, but men- well, they’re all over the place. All of the wo...
  • The Little Girl That Wanted To Be A Mermaid
    on Aug 27, 2014
    When you’re little people always ask you, “what do you want to be when you get older?” Other little kids I knew wanted to be doctors, basketball players, artists, first responders, or other ambitious professions. I never felt the calling to be...
  • Shout Out To All Those That RIPed Robin Williams Last Week and Are Now Throwing Stones at Floyd Mayweather This Week
    on Aug 22, 2014
    How do we go from filling up our social media sites with condolences to Robin Williams, who suffered with depression, to beating up Floyd Mayweather? Floyd Mayweather has been in the media this past week for suffering from illiteracy. Last week we le...
    on Aug 19, 2014
    I’m disturbed by the amount of people posting videos on the ALS Ice bucket challenge versus the amount of people commenting on the civil unrest in our own country. Before when it was Egypt’s civil unrest or some other part of the world I could sl...
  • Whats Really Going On?
    on Aug 18, 2014
    I thought it would be ridiculous if we didn’t do a quick post on what’s going on in Ferguson. This injustice with the Mike Brown shooting just shows that we are not where many assumed we were. The level of injustice again many different groups is...
  • The Wrath of Depression
    on Aug 13, 2014
    Robin Williams death hits home. I, like many other people I know, have suffered from depression. This tragedy was a reflection into dark places of my past. Depression at times is often looked at as a weakness and not taken seriously by those who have...
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