This blog is a chronicle of rants and raves by a middle-aged baby boomer about every day life occurrences, typically written in a humorous manner.

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Latest Blog Posts for The 247 Things In Life That Piss Me Off

  • President Obama’s Concession Speech – Draft
    on Aug 9, 2011
    Comrades – tonight I stand before you with a heavy heart. The election results are in and while I’m pleased to say that I carried the District of Columbia overwhelmingly, I wish I could say that I won at least one of the 50 states. But I didn’t...
  • Dr. Pistoph: “Shut-Up Jimmy Carter!”
    on Jan 1, 1970
    The Worst President in History is really pissing me off. My reference is not to the Messiah and Anointed One, our make-believe president, Barack Hussein Obama. At the rate he’s going, I have no doubt that he’ll easily achieve this title, but for...
  • Dr. Pistoph: Be Very Afraid
    on Jan 1, 1970
    What are you afraid of? I was on the Internet recently and came across a web site that identified the top 10 phobias that people have. First is arachnophobia or the fear of spiders. Second is social phobia – some people are terrified of what other...
  • Dr. Pistoph Hysterical Over PETA
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Several days ago PETA struck again. For those of you who have just emerged from a 20-year coma, PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In reality PETA stands for Pinheads Exhibiting Total Asininity. I particularly like another a...
  • Dr. Pistoph: Customer Service Uck Fups, Verse 2
    on Jan 1, 1970
    It’s been a few months since I last wrote about customer service issues. But do not despair. There are plenty. I’ve been saving them up for you. And rest assured that customer service in general has not improved during these tough times. In some...
  • Dr. Pistoph: Serious Problems of the Day
    on Jan 1, 1970
    I remember when I first started my career back in the Stone Age. Accounting records were kept on large ledger sheets and data was input by hand. Contact information was written in a book or on a Rolodex card. We took pictures the old fashioned way an...
  • Dr. Pistoph: Let’s Un-U.N.
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Why in the blue blazes are we still a member of the United Nations? I realize that a bunch of wooly-headed liberals will become completely apoplectic over what I’m intimating. Which is exactly why we should be questioning our participation in the U...
  • Dr. Pistoph on Cash for Clankers
    on Jan 1, 1970
    I’m at my wits-end. Now, in addition to stealing our tax dollars to bail-out General Motors, Chrysler and the United Auto Workers Union the Messiah, Anointed One and our make-believe President, is stealing more of our tax dollars to buy what he con...
  • Dr. Pistoph’s “Teachable Moment”
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Today’s language is so fraught with tripe, drivel and political correctness that I’m surprised it’s even possible for us to communicate with each other. There are many words and phrases that are absolutely maddening. Who comes up with this stuf...
  • Dr. Pistoph on People Watching
    on Jan 1, 1970
    While on vacation recently over July 4th my wife and I took the occasion to “people watch.” This was both an amusing and a not-so-amusing experience. There were moments of awe and wonder and other truly horrifying scenes. We were in the mountains...
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