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Latest Blog Posts for Andy Alessio Fitness

  • It's All Happening
    on Feb 14, 2015
    "It's all happening" is one of my favorite lines from my favorite movie in Almost Famous. This line also describes how I feel about my squat progress in the last week. It really is all happening. And it's all happening the way I wanted it to happen.P...
  • Working On That Low-Bar
    on Feb 11, 2015
    FINALLY starting to become happy with my squat form.Really have been working on keeping my upper back tight, pushing up from the ground during the transition from the downward to upward movement, as well as using my abs during the upward phase. ...
  • The Quest for a Clean Squat
    on Feb 3, 2015
    I can't say this enough lately...form over weight.I have really been working on my form lately. Specifically, I have been working on trying to stay more upright during the movement, as well as keeping my back and abs tight through each rep.Despite co...
  • Working on that Form
    on Jan 30, 2015
    As I mentioned last week, form over weight.It's not about how much you can lift, but rather HOW you lift.Today was my first leg day session where I applied some new techniques that hopefully will improve my form. For starters, I made my grip mor...
  • Squat Form Check
    on Jan 26, 2015
    After recently realizing that my shoulders have been falling over while squatting, I knew it was time for a change.Typically, I would use a very wide grip that would cause my elbows to slightly flare outwards, as well as limit my ability to...
  • A Time For Readjustment
    on Jan 23, 2015
    It's very easy to get caught up in the amount of weight you're lifting. Believe me, I'm notorious for this. If I don't lift a given weight I believe I should be able to perform for a certain amount of repetitions, I get very upset with myself. I...
  • Designing an Exercise Program (Part 2): Accessory Exercises
    on Jan 21, 2015
    Last week, we stressed the importance of emphasizing compound exercises. By doing so, not only are you working two muscle groups at the same time, but you are also increasing the amount of testosterone that is being stimulated in the b...
  • Designing An Exercise Program (Part 1): Centralizing Compound Exercises
    on Jan 16, 2015
    One goal that I really want to accomplish through this blog as a whole is to be helpful.As fun as it is to showcase my progress in my attempts of living a healthy-lifestyle, what I really want to achieve is to help YOU on your own journey.
  • Training Goals
    on Jan 12, 2015
    Last week, I stressed the importance of knowing your nutritional goals when striving to live a life full of physical activity. As necessary as it is to have nutritional goals, it is just as essential to have TRAINING goals.Do you want to build muscul...
  • Five Guidelines for Proper Nutrition
    on Jan 8, 2015
    Yes, consistently going to the gym is important. However, what truly leads to muscle growth and a 'kickin' body is what you do OUTSIDE of the gym.In order to become progressively stronger in the weight room, one needs both adequate sleep an...
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