An Op-ed blog. The literal meaning of an Oasis is a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found. Let this blog be refreshing to you, amid life's harsh realities --- let it be a symbol of hope, of comfort, of good counsel, of fun. Welcome

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Latest Blog Posts for Oases

  • I'm Undergoing Inner Anarchy
    on Feb 17, 2015 in Belief/Unbelif
    A state of being I'm yet to gain a firm grasp on.One that shitty scares me to delve deeper into because I'll likely lose my preciously held beliefs, ideologies and mindsets (but I'mma continue anyway).Y'see, my beliefs have evolved to...
  • Ladies; Before You Finally Give Up On That Relationship
    on Feb 16, 2015 in Love
    Welcome!Welcome, to our year of light, of continuity, of amazing blazing glory.Things can only get better.Have you ever been in that position where it felt like you have found that one person who means much more than a lot to you?Have you ever though...
  • Before You Give UP Completely - Read.
    on Feb 7, 2015 in Life
    Perhaps you've been feeling alone lately.Somewhat scared.You feel trapped in a vicious cycle of failures ranging from finance to relationships, self-improvement, among other issues.You have people around you, yet it feels like no one's around.You wan...
  • 02/02/15
    on Feb 2, 2015 in Daily Confessions
    Let's make this declarations together. Say it like you mean it.I call Today and the week ahead Blessed.We are rooted in Life and Love.We re not easily provoked.We see good in all men.We are favoured to succeed.We are motivated!The Life giving spirit...
  • The Militant Baker: FAT GIRLS FIND LOVE TOO
    on Jan 30, 2015
    The Militant Baker: FAT GIRLS FIND LOVE TOO: ( Photos via Jade Beall  Photography ) Over the last few years, I've received countless letters, read hundreds of comments...Now this is an Article I think everyone will love, especially those who con...
  • Were You A Born Cusp? Find Out Here.
    on Jan 30, 2015 in Life
    This is basically about zodiac signs and while I'm not a huge fan, I'm quite fascinated at how well it's able to interpret individuals' personality traits, which I've been able to link to my favorites; MBTI typology and The Enneagram.I'm a perso...
  • Today's the 30th Day of January
    on Jan 30, 2015 in Daily Confessions
    And as such We DeclareEvery Perceived Hardness and Difficulty Gives Way For Us To Prevail.Our Lives Are Filled With Liveliness And Love.Our Lights Shine Ever So Glorious.The Future We Hope For Is Ours For The Taking.Our Loved Ones Are Protected.
  • This Twenty-Eight Day of January 2015
    on Jan 28, 2015 in Daily Confessions
    We Declare............I am LightI am WholeI am CompleteToday, my joy is boundless.There is nothing that is impossible unto me.The world around me is Blessed.No curse prevailsAll I see, All I know is light, love, glory and magnificence.We do not lack...
  • An Addendum
    on Jan 23, 2015 in Daily Confessions
    This is an Addendum to my Latest Proposal on Daily ConfessionsEvery new day, by the creator's grace, I'll come here to speak from my deep feelings concerning the day.We're encouraged to do the same too.I'll create a post for each day and then we comm...
  • Daily Confessions
    on Jan 23, 2015 in Daily Confessions
    Welcome!This is another facet of our Oases, one that I'm hoping would remain with us for a long while.Like the page title goes, this is an arena for daily confessions.I'll share my success story in this regard, but before I do, permit me to bring to...
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