An alternative option for investors who like the risk mitigation found by diversifying but also are attracted to the potential rewards of investing in individual stocks.

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Latest Blog Posts for Diversified Focus

  • MYEC: An OTC play?
    on Jul 11, 2009
    First off, you know that I am inherently biased against the Over the Counter market (OTC). There are many types of scams or worthless companies, pump and dumps, you name it. Then again, there are a few great foreign companies, such as Norsk Hydro.
  • China: Bashing the Dollar yet Still Propping it Up
    on Jul 10, 2009
    I came across an article in the Economist that was pretty insightful. It's funny how China has so much exposure to the dollar, meaning if Obama keeps up the reckless spending and the dollar plunges in value, China will suffer because it has so much...
  • Repost: Paychex
    on Jul 9, 2009
    I love “headache” companies- no, it’s got nothing to do with a physical condition in which your cranium hurts due to an obnoxious boss or President Obama’s new “Tylenol talk”. I’m talking about companies that take care of processes and...
  • Repost-Why Etrade?
    on Jul 8, 2009
    The stock price keeps dipping, and yet I am stuck on E*trade. There is a rule concerning not getting stuck on a particular company, but I would consider this a bit different. This is one of my two major individual stock positions for many reasons. I...
  • Dangers of ETFs
    on Jul 6, 2009
    Before I sound too much like an ETF cheerleader, I figured I should explain a few of the potential drawbacks. They are a great tool, but only when used properly and in the right circumstances. Overtrading- For a day trader, ETFs provide new opportu...
  • Why I Added "Hot Commodities" to the store
    on Jul 3, 2009
    I AM NOT RECOMMENDING FUTURES!! Now that we have that misunderstanding out of the way, I wanted to tell you I recently put Jim Rogers "Hot Commodities" book on the list. I advocate investing part of your portfolio in commodity stocks or ETFs for t...
  • Real Estate Part 2
    on Jul 2, 2009
    Thought we were done with real estate, didn't you? Remember the last ETF we looked at was domestic only... what about all of that great land outside of the US? Enter DRW (Wisdom Tree International Real Estate). Just like our other fund, the valuat...
  • Why I'm No Fan of Leveraged ETFs
    on Jul 2, 2009
    Check it out.
  • Great Time to Jump in Domestic Real Estate
    on Jul 1, 2009
    “The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” John Rockefeller"Buy land, they're not making it anymore" Mark Twain“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than...
  • DRIP plans: Allowing the Little Guy to Play
    on Jun 30, 2009
    For those of us without much cash on hand, it is easy to think that investing in the stock market is a rich man’s game. As we sit on the sidelines trying to pay our bills and watching each monthly check disappear, we wonder if there is any way to...
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