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Latest Blog Posts for mmorpg guide

  • Guild Wars 2 Gold Making Guide
    on Apr 6, 2015 in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars2
    by Robert Guthrie   If you’re new to Guild Wars 2, or even if you’re an old or returning player getting set up for the new Heart of Thorns expansion, you might be finding yourself a little short on cash. Buff food, Ascended Gear, Legend...
  • Normal bounty speed runs (3leg/hour+crafting mats)
    on Apr 3, 2015 in Diablo 3
    Hey all In my opinion this is the fastest legendary and mat farming method out there at the moment. When making a group for optimal speed, take people with “Warzechian armguards” (speed burst when destroying object) over other people, the...
  • [t6] 83m exp ++ / 300k gold per run / cursed chest bounty
    on Apr 3, 2015 in Diablo 3
    All you need to do is to look for bounty called “The Cursed Cellar” which is in “The Old Ruins” in Act 1. On T6 (70+ minions killed) we got 83m exp and 300k gold. On T5 (80+ minions killed) we got 70m exp and x gold. Chest spa...
  • Guide To Consumable Buffs
    on Apr 3, 2015 in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars2
    Here’s a list of the purchasable consumable buffs I know about THAT ALL STACK. Some are obvious, some are not. Obvious ones last. Hope it helps. If you know more add them in thread. (1) Miss Mipp – Boons for Sale/Karma TYPE: Regen, Might...
  • Farm Black Lion Keys
    on Apr 3, 2015 in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars2
    How to farm Black Lion Keys: Create a new character, choose a Warrior Human from the Common folk and rush your way to the level 10 story quests that rewards you with a Black Lion Key. Don’t do anything else than the story quests, when you get t...
  • Gloves of Worship – List of shrine & tips
    on Apr 1, 2015 in Diablo 3
    The item you need With this gloves ( Gloves of Worship – Game Guide – Diablo III ) you get 10 min buff per shrine instead of 1 min 30, and actually some shrine bug and give you one hour. The ressource / cooldown reduction shrin stay for o...
  • (Event, Purple Mob kill) Act1, Q9P2. 120k gold, 18.5m XP per 2 min run. Leg farm(ish)
    on Apr 1, 2015 in Diablo 3
    This is a guide to rapidly farm a purple named monster, and in killing him, completing an event. This will earn you a both the Purple name boss kill loot and additional event completion reward for the same task, with a very high spawn rate. 1) From t...
  • Incredible XP and Gold/h Adventure Mode T6 Powerleveling
    on Apr 1, 2015 in Diablo 3
    What you need : – A Range Class (Melee can work with very good gear – my Barb can just handle T4) What to do: 1. Start Adventure Mode on T6 2. Look for “Clear the Rift” Bounty in Act IV 3. Skip Rift Level 1 (Direct head to Lev...
  • Cornering the Trading Post Parts Market (Speculation)
    on Mar 31, 2015 in World Of Warcraft
    After you have the Trading Post Level 2 you can farm the parts to make an auction house in your garrison. Looking at the number of Universal Language parts (Ashran) sold on your realm each day is a good way to estimate the number of people that are t...
  • Amazing DPS as DK in BSM
    on Mar 31, 2015 in World Of Warcraft
    SITENOTE: It is only for the last Boss, cuz the Mob stand in the last Area from dungeon. Steps: 1.Go as Blood DK in Bloodmaul Slag Mines 2.Glyph Dark Simulacrum for a smaller CD (optional but recommended) 3.On the last pack of trash mobs (Ogres) they...
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