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Latest Blog Posts for Mangregation - The Congregation of Men

  • Whisky - On The Rocks
    on Aug 25, 2009 in Alcohol
    On the KegWorks website I saw these stones that will keep your drink cold without watering it down. This is very good for us who enjoy sipping on our whisky. At KegWorks you can buy 9 of these stones for $19.95. You just throw those in your freezer f...
  • - What is needed in next OS update
    on Aug 22, 2009 in Tech
    We know that webOS and the Palm Pre are 1.0 1.1 products, so we’re going to cut you some slack for now. But that slack is starting to run out, and looking at the competition there are some areas where I think you could improve the Pre to both catch...
  • Palm Pre Homebrew - FileCoaster
    on Aug 12, 2009 in Tech
    Yesterday I tried to install some homebrew applications onto my Palm Pre, and I succeeded. The installation process is extremely easy and anyone should be able to do it. I found the instructions on
  • Michael Jackson: Dangerous….to children
    on Aug 8, 2009 in Opinion ShowBiz
    I will admit, in the early 90’s I did have a Michael Jackson tape, but I do not like the guy. Michael Jackson was a great musician and hands down had some of the best dance moves out there, but that doesn’t make up for what he did (or did...
  • Mangregation Presents: Around the Net - 1st Edition
    on Jul 31, 2009 in Around the Net
    Mangregation Presents: Around the Net – The first edition Every once in a while I will share some random interesting sites that I have come across on the web. To start this off, I would like to share a few sites that I visit on a regular basis. htt...
  • Obama Saving Jobs? Nope
    on Jul 22, 2009 in Politics
    I am glad to say that I am not one of those who voted for Barack Hussein Obama; I AM A PROUD CONSERVATIVE.  I’m sure many of you have heard this over and over again elsewhere, but I believe everyone should NOT have the right to vote just becau...
  • Palm Pre Day 3 Review - Touchstone
    on Jul 20, 2009 in Tech
    If you read my last post, you would know that I had purchased a Palm Pre this past Friday.  I would like to let you how I feel about the phone after only 3 days; there are mostly good things and very little bad.  Just so you know, my last phone was...
  • Quest for a Smartphone - Complete - Palm Pre
    on Jul 17, 2009 in Tech
    Today I went to the Sprint store and purchased a new smartphone.  I ended up settling with the Palm Pre.  I chose to stay loyal to Palm, well at least for now.  I didn’t really do any research on the Palm Pre before I bought it, but after bu...
  • Quest for a New Smartphone
    on Jul 16, 2009 in Tech
    I am currently on a mission trying to find a new phone; I currently have the Palm Treo 700wx, and have had it for over a year and a half.  My Treo has Windows Mobile on it which benefits me greatly by having Word and Excel everywhere I go.  I have...
  • 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
    on Jul 16, 2009 in Cars
    Back in November 2008 I purchased a 2009 Chevy Malibu LTZ with everything imaginable, costing me just under $30,000; the only way I would have had to pay more is if I got the hybrid version, but I refuse to get a hybrid.  I’ve had no regrets a...
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