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Latest Blog Posts for Excellence In America

  • Will This Scandal End The Long, Silly “GW” Season ?
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Bad week for the left wing liars and hypnotists. The really Big Bad news is that some genius reportedly hacked into the computers at Hadley —(where the United Kingdom’s Climate Research Unit abides)—and found a treasure trove of hypocrisy, out...
  • Hypocrisy of Michael Moore -Talk the talk, but not worth the walk?
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Michael Moore has a new movie coming out called "Capitalism: A Love Story", suggesting to Americans that "there is a better way" and that "Capitalism isn't democracy", all the while criticizing the Capitalist System.  In the process of doing this,...
  • Fool How Many Times ?
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Everybody's repeated the Mark Twain saw about getting in a fight with someboy that buys ink by the barrel...and dodging anyone who does noy NEED ink. But the stupid, MonkeyMedia, struggling in its devouring tarpit of leftwing ideology, has been burn...
  • Bye Bye Van Jones – Communist ‘Czar’ Leaves Obama Administration
    on Jan 1, 1970
    On Saturday September 5th, 2009 - Van Jones, the Self Avowed Communist and Special Advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (aka as a 'Czar'... how fitting?) resigned from his position.  Here is the text of Mr. Jones' resignation...
  • Video: To Stop Socialized Medicine. Also Canadian Health Coalition Lobbying U.S. President?
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Obamacare is coming... Here's a commercial that illustrates a lot of we're trying to warn people about socialized medicine. Please pass it along! [youtube][/youtube] People who really want Socialized Med...
  • Is Progressivism Just Communism Under a Different Name?
    on Jan 1, 1970
    If progressives aren't de facto communists, they're certainly "something" that ideologically falls under "the collectivist" umbrella. The bottom line is that whether it's "Stalin defined communism", socialism, or progressivism... it's all "Collectiv...
  • Bad Pennies Have Two Sides
    on Jan 1, 1970
    It HAD to be on a Monday. And it WAS. January 25, 2010 in fact–that two startling stories slammed into my ken. One was a video of the President oif the United States making a speech to 11-and-12-year-olds, using a teleprompter. At first the rep...
  • “Counsel” = Flopsweat
    on Jan 1, 1970
    Late Breaking Bulletin: Congressmen Darrel Issa and Lamar Smith have set a June 9 deadline for the White House to supply them with a slew of documents relating to COS Rahm Emanuel and former POTUS Bill Clinton offerring Rep. Joe Sestrak a job to quit...
  • Where It Counts
    on Jan 1, 1970
    A few important additions to our “elections have consequences” screed. (1) The Republicans now control more than half the state legislatures (both houses) that will do the redistricting of congressional seats. They have governors in most...
  • Free At Last !!! The People’s Seat…
    on Jan 1, 1970
    As a young journalist and speech writer, I was in the midst of the earliest temporizing around the issue of segregation and voting rights in the south. I sat with my friend Hughes Spalding Jr., on the platform when his Harvard roommate John F. Kenned...
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