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Latest Blog Posts for The PetNet

  • Rottweiler
    on Jan 14, 2016 in rottweiler
    Pet Net brings you today the RottweilerLike the mythical Greek hero Hercules, the Rottweiler is strong and true with a loving heart. Affectionately called Rotties or Rotts, the breed originated in Germany, where it was used to drive cattle and p...
  • HINTS TIPS HOW TO ? Aid for Pet Burns and Scalds
    on Dec 24, 2015 in burns first aid pets scalds
    The thought of an animal suffering a scald or burn is hard to take, but with a little knowledge you can be prepared to take the proper course of action–and to avoid doing things that can hurt your pet even more.First thing to do: examine the extent...
  • Common Plants Poisonous to Pets
    on Dec 23, 2015 in pets plants
    Pet owners know that dogs and cats often have a penchant for eating strange things. Cats often gravitate toward plastic or wool, and many a dog will chew on whatever it can get its chops around. And then there are plants. Whether garden plants, house...
  • Turkish Angora Cat
    on Nov 12, 2015 in angora cat Turkish
    One of the most outgoing and affectionate of all cat breeds, the rare and beautiful Turkish Angora has a fascinating history and is considered a national treasure in its native land. Many Turkish Angora owners in the United States consider their cats...
  • List of Possible Foods to Feed for Rabbits
    on Nov 8, 2015
    NOTE: It is always preferable to buy organic produce if at all possible. If collecting wild foods such as dandelion greens, make sure they are from a pesticide-free area. All fresh foods regardless of the source should be washed or scrubbed (in the c...
  • Rabbit Diet
    on Nov 7, 2015 in bunny diet house rabbits
    Rabbits in the wild all over the world successfully consume a wide variety of plant material. Various types of dry and fresh grasses and plants with leaves comprise the largest portion of the wild rabbit diet. Rabbits will also eat bark on trees, ten...
  • Corgi - The Cardigan and the Pembroke see the differencesThere are two breeds of Welsh corgis, the Cardigan and the Pembroke, each named for the county in Wales where it originated. The two breeds were recognized as one breed until 1934 when the Kennel Club recognized them as Pembroke and Cardigan. The dif...
  • Considerations when buying toys for dogs and cats
    on Nov 2, 2015 in #toys #pet toys #cat #dog
    While it may be tempting for some to get that gigantic chew bone or the brightly colored squeaky toy, some caution is advised before shopping for pets.Know your pet recipientAs with a gift for a human, realize that each pet has their preferences (che...
  • Things You Can Do to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet
    on Oct 29, 2015 in #halloween #pets #cares
    Don't feed your pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum);Make sure your pet is properly identified (microchip, collar and ID tag) in case s/he escapes through...
  • Cat Breed - Exotic Shorthair
    on Oct 21, 2015 in exotic garfield Low Maintenance persian
    The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a shorthaired version of the Persian. The Exotic Shorthair is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation, with the exception of the short dense coat. It has even...
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