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Latest Blog Posts for Learning the Thai Language

  • Telling Time in Thai Part 4
    on Mar 19, 2010 in Telling Time Numbers
    Go back to part 3 hereOk guys, this is going to be a short one. I would like to introduce the concept of hours, minutes and seconds to you in Thai.This is very simple.Hours = ชั่วโมง (Chua-Mong)Minutes = นาที (Na-Tee)Seconds =...
  • Some basic Thai words (Actually Spoken)
    on Feb 8, 2010
    I found this video on Youtube, and no, it's not me... I just think that it would be interesting to hear how you actually say some of the basic words in Thai such as Hello, Thank you and sorry.Enjoy...
  • I myself and me : Pronouns in Thai (Part 1)
    on Jan 26, 2010 in Conversation
    So, we all know that in order to build a simple sentence, we need to have 3 basic components. It is a matter of“Someone doing something to someone”Or in more technical termsSubject + Verb + ObjectSo, in this lesson we’re going to take a look at...
  • Tell the time in Thai Part 3
    on Jan 1, 2010 in Telling Time
    Read the first two parts here and hereNow that we've gone over the basics, we can take a look at how to tell the time in Thai from 1PM onwards.In part two I talked about how during the waking hours of the day, a dude will walk around with a bell and...
  • Telling Time in Thai part 2
    on Dec 29, 2009 in Telling Time
    You can read the first part hereLast time we talked about how to tell time in Thai from 1am to 11am. This post will talk about words that are used for the afternoon and night parts of the time. (We will get into telling the actual time in Part 3)Fir...
  • Telling Time in Thai part 1
    on Dec 15, 2009 in Telling Time Vocabulary
    Being able to tell and recognize time in a foreign language is probably another required skill when you live in that foreign here you go, Telling Time in ThaiFirst of all the basics: (Easy Stuff)Anyone who is a human knows that time is b...
  • An Eye for Grandfather's Turn : Thai Word of the Day
    on Dec 8, 2009 in Vocabulary
    I bet nobody really understood the title..... niether did I...It's because this next word that I'm about to introduce, is a strange one, because it means different things.And the word is...ตา - Taand the meanings for this word varies...- If you t...
  • The act of playing : Thai word of the day
    on Nov 30, 2009 in Vocabulary
    This is an easy one. In English, you put 'Play' in front of what ever thing you want to play.For example:Play the GuitarPlay the PianoPlay FootballPlay Video gamesPlay TennisIn Thai it is the exact same thingเล่น - Len = PlayMost musical ins...
  • how to say good in thai : Thai word of the day
    on Nov 25, 2009 in Conversation Vocabulary
    This is another one of my short lessons (it's either I'm very busy or just getting lazy) :Panyhow, here is how you say 'Good' in Thaiดี - Dee = GoodVery simple isn't it? You can use this in almost any occasion that requires you to complement so...
  • Months in Thai
    on Nov 24, 2009 in Vocabulary Months
    I'm a little busy this week, so I can only give you short lessons during this period. For today, we'll be looking at months.มกราคม - Mok-a-ra-kom - Januaryกุมภาพันธ์ - Kum-pa-paan - Februaryมีนาคม - Mee-na...
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