Take part in the humorous Journey through Kevin Gannon's hometown of New York City and his second home, Chicago. Listen to the famous "Kevin Gannon Radio" and become part of the no-good good for nothings who praise it.

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Latest Blog Posts for A Journey

  • Where am I?
    on Dec 21, 2010
    Starlets, I don't know if anyone is reading this but I feel obligated to post something here. It has been a while since I have written in these woods but I have a legitimate excuse. Also, I don't want anyone thinking I'm dead. Not yet, not before I o...
  • Sweet Home Manhattan
    on Mar 29, 2010
    The trip back home was marvelous, I didn't get to see everyone because I was only there for a two days so if we had plans and I disappeared forgive me. Somehow I filled up my 2 gigabyte SD card to the brim in 48 hours, which is odd because I'm not mu...
  • Episode Three, BabyThe vacation induced hiatus ends today and what a better way to celebrate that than uploading the third installation of the Friday Night with Kevin Gannon poopcast?If you missed it last week don't fret, you missed nothing. Literally. Enjoy, baby. Don...
  • Stay Tuned...
    on Mar 21, 2010
    Sorry folks, I guess I should have put this up a few days ago.Why are there no posts? No poopcasts? I'm on my two day vacation, baby!That's right, my school gave me two days off for spring break and I'm trying to live it up while I still can. It migh...
  • Robbie and Chicago
    on Mar 19, 2010
    Robbie spent some time here and I decided to take a few days off and update you about things later. I guess now is later. We had a pretty wonderful time. Robbie seemed to have brought the nice weather with him and Chicago was a completely different c...
  • Litho With My Bro
    on Mar 14, 2010 in printmaking art fart robbie cline
    Robbie Cline is in Chicago for a week and I'm having a blast kicking it with him just like the old days in very new day surroundings. Today I had a shitload of litho prints that needed to get done which meant, unfortunately, Robbie had to tag along w...
  • Second Episode
    on Mar 12, 2010 in poopcast tgif
    It looks like this poopcast business is official. iTunes is not giving me a tough time with anything and updating episodes is easy and smooth. Like a baby's butt. Uh...why'd that come out dirty this time?How do I know this? Today I put up the second...
  • Frogs
    on Mar 11, 2010
    Sorry folks, nothing special today. Got a lot of work and I'm thinking of hitting the sack ASAP. Who knows what I'm doing, maybe I'm prepping the next podcast or something? Nah.Here, this should hold you off. It's not much but it's pretty beautiful.L...
  • iTunes? How prettyiTunes approved my poopcast. I didn't realize that the name of the account I have at a hosting site would be the name of the show so there is a discrepancy in the title and the image. That sort of drives me crazy but I'll figure something out. Go sub...
  • Dark Side of the Internet...
    on Mar 9, 2010 in fail track marks google
    I can't sleep and have a class in three hours. Usually during these times of stress and panic I try to do something productive so I don't feel like a complete waste tomorrow. Tonight I decided to use my time wisely and check out the blogs recent traf...
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