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Latest Blog Posts for speak out loud,s

  • akmal u broke my heart
    on Sep 17, 2009 in broken heart
     akmal 1st of all u came to my lifethen u giving me hopeu swear to love me like u saidbut u break my heartknowing that we are apartknowing that u are not for meu give a lots of excusesu give your phone number to every girl knowu know w...
  • as we grown up
    on Sep 10, 2009
    As We Grow Up, We Learn That Even The One Person That Wasnt Supposed To Never Let You Down Pribably Will. You Will Have Your Heart Broken Probably More Then Once And Its Harder Every Time. You'll Break Hearts Too. So Remember How It Felt When Yours W...
  • Sex DroughtIt's been... such a loooong time and I'm... starting to get antsy thinking... about the last time I let a... VIP party in my panties... It's like my... mind is getting way clouded And its... starting to lapse in judgement cuz this... morning I eye-f*...
  • I Know You Don't Love Me....
    on Sep 10, 2009
    I know you don't love me, I was just a rebound girl. I know you don't love me, you didn't even tell anyone I was in your world. I was your dirty secret, though we was never "together." I can't believe you would lie, but you said forever... I guess fo...
  • respond from Arif Amat
    on Sep 9, 2009
    Ariff Amat 06 September at 03:28Hi hi...u dont have to understand me..all u have to do is to appreciate it..its better 'love' than 'hate' isnt it..i do appreciate women so of the finest creation by God..nway, u may ask,,or tell me...wute...
  • miss my old friend
    on Sep 3, 2009
    missing my old fren-rabah arif khan-cute pakistani guy!i found him on fb-just add him-gosh its quiet long time i didnt meet this guy!he working already-no more KLIUC!haks...
  • who is Ariff Amat-facebook
    on Sep 3, 2009
    this photo not ariff amat..ntah npew dier ltk pic nie...Ariff Amat 02 September at 04:52Hi sweetheart..its hard for me to reveal be true.., i m one of well known artist im M'sia.. (up to u)this acc has been created juz to push myself be...
  • im not like other girl
    on Aug 31, 2009 not like other girl(remember tht)im not looking for glamorous,im not looking for rich guys or who ever,im a girl who's really different in every aspect,im a girl who's trying to get my life back,im a girl who fighting with them (to...
  • taken from marcus blog
    on Aug 31, 2009 in teenage dreamer sexual pyschotic love
    photos of marcusQestion i get asked alot are as below :1.Knapa saya sebagai perempuan tidak boleh buat apa yang laki buat ?2.Knapa laki hanya mahu pikirkan sex, walaupun saya tahu die cintai saya,adakah saya hamba hanya untuk badan saya ?3.Bagaiman...
  • Sex is good
    on Aug 31, 2009 in sex
    Trust me when I say,there's somebody for everybodyAnd sooner or later that rightsoulthat right heartsomeone you can hold ontoin the darkI'm talking about real lovenot that lustnot just,grinding, slapping assby the morning, regretting itSex is sexbut...
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