A personal space where I can scribble not just some words but, some thoughts in a beautiful way so that when I convey them to the one I want, I be satisfied that I have said what I wanted to...

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Latest Blog Posts for Poems

  • Mistake
    on Mar 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
    Basking redemption in the shade of my friends & so much more from your scrumptious blends Meekly I surrender to your love Knowing you are as pure as dove But I am prone to committing mistakes & that too involving huge stakes I seek forgivenes...
  • My Love Cry
    on Mar 4, 2010 in Close to my Heart
    I call U, come to me this is my hearty plea Without U, I am filled with glee Its been long I can’t wait to be free Feeling myself I’ve hurt me Can’t take anymore, I plea Accept me, I can’t change actually Sobbing, I imagine my...
  • I Say
    on Mar 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
    How often is that U want to say So many things that U don’t say But they, they don’t let U say “U are young, U don’t have a say” Is what, they always say Hey! Let me grow, I say Let me experience the experience at bay Le...
  • Disappear
    on Jan 21, 2010 in Close to my Heart
    All the tales a memoir can read Of fairies, the kings & their deeds All the plays with famous leads About the fables of Love & Greed All fall short before my life A life I lived with your vibe Entwined with me all your jive Has made me feel t...
  • Touched By Her
    on Jan 1, 2010 in Close to my Heart
    Every time I see her, I fall for her again. Despite all efforts, I feel the same again. The same old feeling, the same profound pain, Ever since the day I met her, there’s been nothing like a gain. I strive for her presence, with a guilt of disdain...
  • The Drink
    on Dec 19, 2009 in Close to my Heart
    The sparkling drink of the Holy Grail, Has come alive to see HIM frail, With sharp features & devil’s tail, Walking the ages with countless tales, Tales of betrayal, of lust and lies, Of broken hearts & shattered trust & ties. The pleas...
  • Difference
    on Dec 18, 2009 in Close to my Heart My Questions
    There’s a difference, small may it be That’s enough still, to provoke a scrutiny A difference between me and U, not physical, The minds I am referring, not the bodies, typical? That’s all a game of reference, I say If you don’t know the word,...
  • I wanna
    on Sep 23, 2009 in Close to my Heart
    I wanna make love to You Kiss U, Embrace U I wanna make love to You Oh! The beauty you are to behold, a memory that lingers and withholds. An aura that’s brighter than gold, sculpture that can never be mould. I wanna make love to You Kiss U, Em...
  • Miss U
    on Sep 2, 2009 in Close to my Heart Uncategorized
    I abjure I have hurt U but never ever to harm U I know I never call U Never show how much I miss U But I am weak here to admit, What U mean to me dammit! Words mislead us U know! They just eat us up so! I know U care, I know U do No matter what, what...
  • Wishes
    on Aug 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
    An uproar of disapproval of the situation that’s so trivial Is it that I want to oppose? or there’s something I want to propose? Whatever it is, I am holding it back! in a view that it may unleash the wrath There’s something that...
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