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Latest Blog Posts for weight loss tip blog

  • Weight loss doubts
    on Jan 11, 2010
    Ever started an exercise program and then you suddenly stopped because of thinking that you might not succeed? Ever went on a diet program and told yourself that you don't want to continue it because you don't know if you're doing it right? There may...
  • Maintaining weight even on holidays
    on Jan 6, 2010
    The holidays are over. I wasn't able to blog last month because of my busy holiday schedule. Thank goodness I only gained atleast a pound or two. Its really hard to get rid of food once its in front of you. I never even attended a gym session for the...
  • How long does it take to lose weight?
    on Nov 28, 2009
    How long does it take to lose weight? I do see a lot of weight loss ads that promises instant results in losing weight. Most suggest that you can lose a lot of weight in about a month. True? Well, seeing these ads brought a lot of excitement to me. I...
  • Automatic Diet
    on Nov 9, 2009
    A lot of people asked me how I lost weight. I gave them the typical weight loss advice. The hardest advice they can't take is go on a diet. Dieting is really hard especially if you become tempted by comfort foods most of the time. Even I myself had a...
  • Weight loss books. Do we need it?
    on Oct 24, 2009
    If you're totally serious in losing some weight, you probably need to invest on a weight loss book. There are many kinds of weight loss books depending on how you want to lose weight. Most people want to lose weight. First thing they do is ask someon...
  • Law of attraction and Weight loss
    on Oct 19, 2009
    Law of attraction is one big requirement when it comes to weight loss. The more you picture yourself that you lost weight, the more you will succeed. Most of us who go on a weight loss journey easily give up especially if we don't see results in a we...
  • Getting used to weight loss routine
    on Oct 16, 2009
    When I started to lose some weight, I told myself that I will not give up eating the foods that I love. I'm a big fan of junk food because the people around especially my friends love to eat them. I'm a beer drinker as well. I also remember myself a...
  • Starvation mode
    on Oct 15, 2009
    photo from went to weight loss forum site yesterday and saw a question about someone who wants to lose 10 lbs before Halloween. The person who asked this question is willing to go to starvation mode. She does not w...
  • Less sodium to flatten tummy
    on Oct 11, 2009
    This afternoon, an idea came in my mind about how to lose tummy fat. Its actually the hardest part to lose because it is where the food comes first when we eat. Sit ups will only help if your total body fat percentage is less than 10%. Most people in...
  • Discipline
    on Oct 6, 2009
    photo from I think of the word "discipline", one thing comes to my mind. Boredom! Although its a must if you really want to lose weight or become fit. Starting to become fit can be a little bit boring at first. M...
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