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Latest Blog Posts for TechByPC

  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment End
    on Jan 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
    I am going to end the Bitcoin mining experiment as it currently stands because it has proved what I needed it to prove. Namely it debunked several popular theories on and exposes exactly why BTCGuild is the most popular … Contin...
  • Good news on the NSA front?
    on Jan 17, 2014 in Privacy Security
    From CNN In a speech at the Justice Department today, President Obama will call for an end to the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk phone record collection program as it currently exists, a senior administration official told CNN Se...
  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment Four Week Status
    on Jan 11, 2014 in Fun Internet Bitcoin
    It has now been 4 weeks since this experiment started. In a surprising turnaround, Ghash.IO is now break even with BTC Guild. Currently running with an aggregate hash rate of approximately 415 MH/s, it remains to be seen whether that benefit …...
  • Ghash.IO and the state of Bitcoin
    on Jan 9, 2014 in Fun Internet Bitcoin
    There seem to be a lot of people making an issue about the increasing hash power of at the moment, so I’m going to post my comments here. First of all, however I’d like to point out that … Continue reading →T...
  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment Two Week Status
    on Dec 28, 2013 in Fun Internet
    As of 201312282200 (Eastern US) BTC Guild: 0.00227196 Eligius: 0.00211533 EclipseMC: 0.00205489 Ghash.IO: 0.00183122(0.03799221 GHS * 0.0482) This project is now two weeks in and I am ready to make a statement of sorts. Had Ghash.IO GHS rate rem...
  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment Status as of 201312240900
    on Dec 24, 2013 in Fun Internet
    As of 2013240900 (Eastern US) BTC Guild: 0.00165256 Eligius: 0.00160620 EclipseMC: 0.00147493 Ghash.IO: 0.00153935 (0.02552822 GHS * 0.0603) Eligius implemented an estimated daily earnings, which is a really nice piece of information: Estimated...
  • An Experiment in Bitcoin Mining – Part 7 – BFL Strikes!
    on Dec 23, 2013 in Fun Internet
    I had hoped to start this experiment with ButterflyLabs (BFL) equipment, but started instead with Block Erupters. While I think there will be little difference besides magnitude between the devices, I had hoped to show that it was possible to …...
  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment Status as of 2013231045
    on Dec 23, 2013 in Fun Internet
    BTC Guild: 0.00154781 Eligius: 0.00140232 EclipseMC: 0.00141193 Ghash.IO: 0.0015161 (0.02307720 GHS * 0.0657) Ghash.IO/CEX.IO GHS rate continues to decrease, however they remain in second place. Had the GHS cost remained consistent where this ex...
  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment Status 20131219
    on Dec 19, 2013 in Fun Internet
    As of 2013191900 (Eastern US) BTC Guild: 0.00102693 Eligius: 0.00088874 EclipseMC: 0.00095393 Ghash.IO: 0.00096181 (0.01375989 GHS * 0.0699) Before I begin commenting, let me say first that all the variance between these scores may be due to th...
  • Bitcoin Mining Experiment Status 20131217
    on Dec 17, 2013 in Fun Internet
    As of 2013172300 (Eastern US) BTC Guild: 0.00061516 Eligius: 0.00057260 EclipseMC: 0.00068595 Ghash.IO: 0.00063825 (0.00880357 GHS * 0.0725) I find it interesting that this result already matches my perceived strength and expectation out of each poo...
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