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  • Hell is a Fantasy Made in Your Mind
    on Jul 23, 2009 in Heaven and Hell
    M: You say there is only this moment of joy and no past or future. But I don’t experience this joy you speak of as available in this moment. J: Then you cannot be “there.” Find out "where" you are and leave. M: So stop thinking? J:...
  • God Did Not Cause Your World
    on Jun 3, 2009 in The Past World
    M: Will all this learning result in some sort of “awakened” state of mind, similar to the reports of the “ancient masters”? J: Your world is hypnotically captivated by the past and this fuels your compulsion to repeat the same...
  • God's Will Excludes Nothing and Controls Nothing
    on May 22, 2009 in Source/God Truth Will
    M: You keep saying that everything must be included. What does that mean? J: God’s wholeness includes all and what God creates is whole and all-inclusive. Therefore, your "world" must also be whole and all-inclusive, but not as you now perceive...
  • Your Facts are Fiction
    on Apr 22, 2009 in People
    M: I’m beginning to see little point to this and wonder if I should discontinue It’s all a bit too complicated for me. How can I learn what I can’t understand? J: If you have turned away from understanding, it is because you demand...
  • YOUR World is Meaningless
    on Mar 31, 2009 in World body
    M: How can I function in the world that, as you say, I will come to believe is meaningless? J: I do not teach that “the world” is meaningless. I teach that YOUR world is meaningless and YOU have made it so. However, you can change what yo...
  • Your Range of Suffering
    on Mar 20, 2009 in End of Suffering Heaven and Hell
    M: You say that you could show me a “better world.” Unfortunately, things are pretty bad right now and it seems the entire world is gradually getting worse. A lot of people are going to be suffering soon. J: You expect some degree of suff...
  • Resisting What is KnownM: All this stuff seems to cause me more suffering than peace. It just seems too difficult to understand. J: You do not suffer from lack of understanding, but from resisting what you know to be True. Recall that the lessons I teach are from your mind...
  • The Second Voice You Hear
    on Mar 5, 2009 in God One Voice the one and the many
    M: Is my consciousness the only consciousness? Aren’t there other minds? J: As long as you identify exclusively with your mind, then clearly there is only your mind. However, when you relieve yourself of the NEED to think alone, then there are...
  • You Made It ALL UpM: I don’t understand how you can say that there is no world? J: I do not teach that there is “no world,” only that the world you see cannot possibly exist the way you SEE it. Everything you SEE as "real" is conting
  • The Last Mediator
    on Feb 13, 2009
    M: How can I possibly consider the body insignificant? J: By trusting in the mind to cure your ills, since the mind created them. Yet, only because it was deluded into thinking it was a body. M: That’s a little too far advanced for me. I can&
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