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Latest Blog Posts for Asbestosis Informations

  • Asbestosis Symptoms and Late Indicators
    on Feb 28, 2010 in Asbestosis Symptoms
    Asbestosis symptoms refer to the changes in the body that indicate some type of serious diseases caused by exposure to asbestos particles. 

Awareness about asbestosis symptoms is important because danger of asbestos exposure affects about 1.3 mi...
  • Understanding The Relation Between Asbestos Exposure And Mesothelioma Lung Cancerby: Kirsten HawkinsAn understanding of asbestos is necessary before we try to understand mesothelioma lung cancer. Asbestos, a natural fibrous mineral, used commonly in construction process and manufacturing industries is detrimental to human health.
  • Asbestosis and Asbestos Exposure Type
    on Dec 6, 2009 in What is Asbestosis
    Asbestos is a natural mineral that was used in the construction and home improvement industry. He was placed in the ceiling when mixed with aertex, was used to make semi fireproof surface and mixed with cement as well as very strong. No one realized...
  • who can get Asbestosis ?

    on Nov 17, 2009 in What is Asbestosis
    Many people who work directly with asbestos products at risk of developing Asbestosis. They are people with prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers. Generally, this exposure is work for the people who work in home construction, mining, and textile manu...
  • Asbestosis Mesothelioma Asbestos Disease Due to Dust
    on Nov 15, 2009 in Asbestosis Mesothelioma
    There are two diseases usually caused by asbestos dust. The first is mesothelioma, the malignant cancer of the lung veil, the veil of the stomach, or the veil of the heart. Second Asbestosis is a disease. These diseases are often fatal and lead to de...
  • Asbestosis Lung and asbestos fiber
    on Nov 8, 2009 in Asbestosis Lung
    Asbestos is the cause of Asbestosis Lung disease occurs naturally in the environment. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with a chainlike crystal structure. Asbestos minerals are broken down into long, rod-shaped fibers. This fiber is very str...
  • Asbestosis is a cause of Asbestos Fiber
    on Oct 28, 2009 in What is Asbestosis
    Asbestosis and Asbestos
Asbestos causing disease Asbestosis is a fibrous mineral that occurs naturally, often found in materials used for building materials and used for construction before 1975. Asbestos is used extensively in the 1970s because of...
  • Facts About Asbestosis Mesothelioma dan Asbestos 

    on Oct 26, 2009 in Asbestosis Mesothelioma
    Almost all cases of Asbestosis mesothelioma caused by exposure to common asbestos fibers. Asbestos is a natural mineral mined from rock found in many countries around the world. Asbestos consists of small steel fibers, fabrics such as cotton and high...
  • Asbestosis Symptoms and Diagnosis
    on Oct 26, 2009 in Asbestosis Symptoms
    Asbestosis disease caused by inhalation of asbestos dust, lead penumokoniosis characterized by pulmonary fibrosis. Exposure can occur in industrial and mining therah, can also occur in the area around the factory or the mine where the air polluted by...
  • Stages Symptoms of Asbestosis
    on Oct 25, 2009 in Asbestosis Symptoms
    Asbestosis Symptoms appear gradually and only emerged only after the formation of scar tissue in large quantities and the lungs lose elasticity.Asbestosis Symptoms first is a mild shortness of breath or chest and shortness of reduced ability to exerc...
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