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Latest Blog Posts for Hack Wilson

  • Obamabot Teacher Humiliates Army Daughter
    on Oct 30, 2009
    I don't know if this video is real or where it even came from, but I'm very surprised that it has only a modest 52,000 'They'tube views (see previous post) and that Beck, Limbaugh, and the conservative blogosphere as a whole hasn't jumped on this. Ma...
  • Michelle Obama: King Kong's Baby Sister/Youtube's Assault on Free Speech
    on Oct 29, 2009
    The Honorable Reverend James David Manning at his very finest. It's a shame Youtube (maybe we should call it Shoo!-tube now) has recently banned him for "hate speech".I have been a long time fan of Pastor Manning. I do not necessarily agree with ever...
  • More urban savagry at yet another inner city high school
    on Oct 28, 2009
    Teens gangrape 15 year old girl, bystanders watch and cheerReports say that while the creatures raped and beat her, a crowd of some 20 other students stood and watched, sometimes cheering on the spectacle.In my honest opinion, the people that did thi...
  • The Religion of Peace Strikes Again
    on Oct 28, 2009
    Car bomb kills 100 in Peshawar, Pakistan11 Dead in attack on UN guest house in KabulMilitants launch surprise attack on Somali presidentHezbollah launches more rockets into Israel2 civilians shot dead by Muslim extremists in ThailandWoman killed in S...
  • What if Bush had done that?
    on Oct 27, 2009
    I read an interesting piece from Josh Gerstein of the Politico today titled What if Bush had done that? It's about time somebody write about the ridiculous double standard in the media. My favorite part though....Democrats find the complaints of Obam...
  • Top 10 Whitest Players in NBA History
    on Oct 27, 2009
    10)Scott Brooks 1988-1998The kid you waited for the school bus with in middle school.9)Steve Kerr 1988-2003An NBA legend and sharpshooter. Steve Kerr is enough proof to me that YES white men can jump.8)Bill Hanzlik 1980-1990Who needs tattoos and armb...
  • Am I wrong to laugh at this?
    on Oct 20, 2009
    The conservative prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, said about his leftist rival Rosy Bindi..."she is more beautiful than intelligent."After looking at this woman you can truly guage the context in which he is speaking! I wish more politicia...
  • Political Correctness Run Amock
    on Oct 20, 2009
    Columbus Day-------->Indigenous People's Day"Last week was Columbus Day, once considered a major event, the holiday has been undergoing a decline in recent years. Columbus Day parades have met with protests and some have been deemphasized or outright...
  • Indoor NFL Stadiums
    on Oct 18, 2009
    Today we saw a remarkable performance from Tom Brady in brutal conditions up in Foxboro. With a snow blanketed field and slush still coming down in the howling wind Brady threw 5 touchdown passes in one quarter en route to a 59-0 thumping of the Tita...
  • LA Teacher's Obama worship seeping into classroom.
    on Oct 14, 2009
    Yet another story of the Obama cult invading schools. An LA teacher leading her flock of Oba-aaaaa-aaa-aaama sheep.Mr. Obama, Can We Come and Visit You?Mia Henry wants to teach Barack Obama how to use iPhoto. She wants to show the president how to ta...
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