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Latest Blog Posts for Paul's Political Punditcy - Restoring Conservatism in America

  • Re-redefining the Republican Party
    on Nov 23, 2009
    The Republican Party is being presented a unique opportunity, the question is – of course – will they seize it?  The message sent by the American public to the radicals running our country in this past election was clear… woe, slow down.&#...
  • American Thinker: To Hell with the Constitution?
    on Nov 13, 2009
     American Thinker: To Hell with the Constitution? Not only is ObamaCare an attack on American liberty, but it tosses aside the U.S. Constitution and all it stands for.  If Congress really thinks that Americans will stand by and allow them to ma...
  • Election Results Give Credibility to the Conservative Opposition of Obama Policy
    on Nov 3, 2009
      Obama’s descending poll numbers and the huge swing in today’s election toward the right are a blaring reflection of the determination of American citizens that the administration is taking the country in the wrong direction.  The real issue i...
  • Voluntarily Relinquishing Liberty and Freedom - Perversion of the “Common Good”
    on Nov 1, 2009
    Conservatism’s foundation lies deeply in the belief that liberty and individual freedom are a fundamental reality, granted by God. The Founding Fathers established our Republic with the clear intent of protecting the freedom bestowed upon us from...
  • ObamaCare Bill Unveiled - 1990 Pages of the Same Old Socialized Medicine
    on Oct 31, 2009
    The 1990 page combination of three health care reform bills put forth by Speaker Pelosi today is just another pig with lipstick.   The Democrats did not learn anything from the summer tea parties.  The bill still includes a public option, despite...
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's Memo, Best Memo You May Ever Read
    on Oct 29, 2009
    Rejecting a bill before California’s assembly which was endorsed by San Francisco legislator Tom Ammiano (who recently told the governor to "kiss my gay ass," ), the governor responded with the memo below. Governor Schwarzenegger’s pre...
  • Is the Proliferation of Czars Usurping The Power of the Legislative Branch?
    on Oct 27, 2009
    The term czar is not a new one but there has been a proliferation of them in the previous and current administrations.  The term is used to describe certain individuals in the executive branch who have been deemed to be experts in a particular area...
  • Has Washington D.C. Learned Nothing From Washington State’s Failed Healthcare Reform?
    on Oct 26, 2009
    In 1993, Washington's decidedly liberal state legislature enacted a bill imposing healthcare reforms closely resembling those being proposed today at a national level.   Putting aside the attack on our foundational federalistic fabric, it is a shin...
  • Fox News – Attack on First Amendment
    on Oct 25, 2009
    Is the Administration’s attack of Fox News another diversion or is this the another battle in the war of silencing the opposition to the social justification of America? The main stream media should be outraged by the actions of the Administration...
  • The Price of Prop 8 – Domestic Terrorism
    on Oct 24, 2009
    The Price of Prop 8 - Heritage Foundation Here is an incredibly scary and well documented report by Thomas Messner of the Heritage Foundation about  how the far left has been  embarking on a domestic terrorist campaign against those who opposed th...
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