Dive into the only place on the net where exuberant frustration is released without any limitations. Hysteriously funny, exasperating, and exalting. Yet true, so true... For all the cajones you’ll ever need to finally say what you truly feel.

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Latest Blog Posts for Venting Station

  • To the annoying coughing freak at work
    on Sep 15, 2011 in Employment Society
    You are driving me nuts with your incessant phlemy cough. I understand everyone gets sick every once in a while, but for Christ’s sake, go up to the employee convenience store and buy some frigging cough drops! You are driving me nuts distracti...
  • Is anyone out there listening?I feel stupid I tried to explain how I get myself in the situations I do and I was explaining something and it was about one of the times I got raped.. and he told me to stop talking about it Cuz It makes him sad which is understandable.sometimes I j...
  • Diversity my @sshole!I love it that the company I work for hires people who are like retarded and unqualified to do their job and that the person I work with who has some kind of mental disability is unfireable. He can sexually harass women, fuck around all day at his de...
  • FrustrationSo, I have a lot of venting to do. 1] My “best friend” is a fucking bitch. I have done nothing but be there for her, whenever, even if it means I get grounded or miss something important. I have really needed her the past few weeks, and a...
  • Cruelty!omfg, im so fuckin pissed! stupid phil, dont ask me to fucking homecoming if your just gona say nevermind, fuck fuck fuck, i feel like crying, gawwd damn stupid people Similar Venting StopsI miss you :(I miss you. There, I said it. I miss you. I miss...
  • yes, that’s right, i said it!
    on Aug 1, 2011 in Friends
    i fucking hate you, you never once said your sorry, never once said nothing. stop being a self conceived dick hole who thinks you caan control me cause you can’t(: Random Venting StopHomesickso i don't know if anyone has ever moved away from th...
  • My WeekendAlright so I was pretty sure this weekend was going to be horrible and just a waste of time, but I was proven wrong. On friday it was me along with two of my best friends, watching movies and just hanging out at my house. We went on MSN and messaged...
  • i actually have a life too.
    on Jun 29, 2011 in Friends annoying personal rant venting
    stop treating me like a baby. like it’s oh so cute that i’m taking chances and doing something new while you stay in your little comfort zone. stop acting like you’re the only thing that keeps me alive or that you’re the only...
  • I miss you :(I miss you. There, I said it. I miss you. I miss the way we were at times, and I miss the way you kissed me. The way you held me, and the way you really DID LOVE ME. Yeah I know you messed up, and I really thought I hated you for that, but I...
  • Some friends I got…
    on Jun 23, 2011 in Friends church Society vent out venting
    My friends are some two-faced bitches. They don’t have the balls to tell me shit to my face. Fucking John told me the news, which wasn’t even that bad. But the fact that the people who I thought were my real friends couldn’t tell me...
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