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Latest Blog Posts for my shoes are too small.

  • Unhappy maids
    on Nov 6, 2010
    MSN reveals the 10 things your housekeeper won't tell you, and I'll tell you what I think of these maids. 1)  "Those luxurious beds are wreaking havoc on my back." 2) "Yes, it's our job to clean your room, but some of the messes you leave a...
  • Change of pace here.. SOMETHING AWESOME.. and then something terrible.
    on Nov 6, 2010
    Coinstar machines are the best. I barely put any change in that machine, I mean some people come in with buckets, so I thought my little baggy of coins would be nothing. Sure they take 9 cents on every dollar.. but I got 50 bucks from barely any chan...
  • Bimbos
    on Nov 6, 2010
    There are always going to be skanks, and the world needs skanks to make everyone else look somewhat decent. Honestly, it's not my problem if you have less morals than a chinese abortion clinic.. but it is my problem when you have to act so much more...
  • My shoes are too small.
    on Nov 6, 2010
    I've gotten a lot of emails over the past year telling me that I need to A) Release all of my anger or B) Explain the meaning of "my shoes are too small" Since my shoes are too small is at its one year anniversary I will answer these questions. F...
  • I hate many things, one of which, is the way that you type.
    on Nov 6, 2010
    Texting acronyms are acceptable for when you're texting. But if you're going to email me, talk to me face to face, or just plain out post a new facebook status.. Atleast somewhat TRY to use proper grammar. I don't even like people using text acronyms...
  • McDonald's
    on Oct 21, 2010
    Whenever I tell somebody that I just went to McDonald's they give you that look like "Oh, now I have a reason to justify why I think I'm better than you." They are like "Don't you know how fattening it is, and they serve roadkill!" I wonder how they...
  • The majestic King of Gonorrhea.
    on Oct 5, 2010
    "Oh my gosh, Olivia, I went to this awesome party this weekend. It was the shit!" Calling things that are good, "The shit", doesn't make them any better. I hate with a passion when people call things the shit. Shit hasn't magically turned into somet...
  • Socks.
    on Oct 5, 2010
    There are a lot of trends that I refuse to buy into.. but this trend I don't have much of a choice on. I don't know why we can't all just wear normal socks. Everyone has to wear those tiny socks that don't even reach your ankle. If ever I w...
  • Yeah, I did just post another post about driving. Suck it up, Buttercup.
    on Sep 29, 2010
    I very much dislike people who dangle shiny things from their rearview mirrors. Maybe you don't understand that when people are driving they don't want to crash because they are distracted by the crystal dolphin whoring out piercing rays of light in...
    on Sep 28, 2010
    So you're driving along and someone is merging onto the highway into your lane. Being so kind and generous you slow down and give them plenty of room to cut in front of you. But they blatantly refuse your invitation to cut in front of you. You figure...
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