A gay man's search for God in the pleasure and pain of every day life.

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Latest Blog Posts for A Blog of Joy & (Dis)quiet

  • the wisest of favors
    on Apr 11, 2014
    We've never met, but I'm writing this for you: for all you tellers of stories and weavers of webs out there, my fellow human beings. In particular, for those of you who may have gotten lost - in your own creations, in your own well-practiced, self-de...
  • thank you, life
    on Aug 14, 2013
    In a few short hours from now, I'll have been on this planet for exactly 32 years - plus womb time, I guess. It's been a pleasure, I have to say. Not that there haven't been nightmarish patches, but oh, my god, what a sweet, sweet dream it's been for...
  • on love & i love you's
    on Jul 6, 2013
    If ever there were a post written by, or on my ego's behalf, this is it. (And yes, they all are to one degree or another - that's a human being for you.)But ever since posting about my time with Ambrose, I've felt naggingly compelled to explain, just...
  • some pseudo-haiku vii
    on Jul 2, 2013
    i.Facing greatest fearAnd being greeted by Love:Miraculous shitii.Summertime, life here -Birds, cicadas, flowers sing -Light, in full effectiii.No more at peace - orFound or Better than before -Still...I wash ashoreiv.Cool spray of waterMists in the...
  • fender bender (short & sweet)
    on Jun 27, 2013
    Last week I had my first traffic accident behind the wheel - and it was very exciting!It was mid-afternoon and I was heading to the library to drop off some books I'd borrowed. Less than halfway there, it started to rain - not a total downpour, but m...
  • a humbling shade of gray
    on Jun 21, 2013
    Sometimes, regrettably, I experience thoughts very arrogant in nature. Someone will come to me, tell me their troubles, and I might have thoughts like these:Why don't you just say _________? Why don't you just do _________? Why not try looking at it...
  • to dissolve somehow
    on Jun 12, 2013
    With hot summer wind blowing through the front windows of my grandmother's car while out running errands this afternoon, I was struck with the fleeting, but very real, impulse to sharply turn the steering wheel and drive myself in to the neighboring...
  • mama don't care
    on May 28, 2013
    I watched Oprah's interview with Dr. Maya Angelou on Super Soul Sunday the past couple of weeks and loved every single moment of it. I have always loved Maya Angelou. The pearls of wisdom she shares, coated in that rich, creamy voice of hers; I can't...
  • happenings vii
    on May 13, 2013
    i.Sitting alone at the computer, I pick my nose. I see my reflection in the screen from the corner of my eye and am startled; embarrassed for a split second, thinking that someone was behind me and had seen what I'd done.ii.Upon discovering that I've...
  • a flash of light that lingers
    on May 2, 2013
    From out of the heavenly blue sky, I found these words posted on my Facebook timeline yesterday by none other than my ol' sweet Silas: "Even though we don't talk all the time, I'm at ease with the world knowing you're in it. :)"It's startling wh...
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