Here we can share, discuss and battle over the origins of our species and anything related, without fear of being burned alive, flaming is the only risk.

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Latest Blog Posts for Pablo's Origins Blog

  • DNALet’s talk about DNA. The genetic code is the blueprint used to build our bodies and that of every living being. At the very beginning of the 20th century, it was already known to scientist that the code was in genes, which in turn resided in chrom...
  • Fossils
    on Feb 26, 2010 in fossils fossil record schopf
    Ancient microbial fossils are exceptionally rare. Those fragile fragmentary clues may help us bridge the vast gulf between life and non-life. Ancient rocks may reveal key steps in the origin of life. It is true that they are difficult to find, but i...
  • Evidences of Life on Mars - Part 2So, what was the basis of McKay’s claim? Did they find convincing evidences of life on Mars? In their Science paper, McKay and his eight coworkers pointed to four types of data. Given their extraordinary claims, they were on scientific trial by the...
  • Evidences of Life on MarsHere I want to talk about the possible evidences of life on Mars. Rocks from space constantly bombard our planet. A few of these visitors make it through the atmosphere without burning up, which are called meteorites. Of the thousands of meteorites t...
  • Is There Life on Mars?Is there life on Mars? Few questions, scientific or otherwise, fire the public imagination as much as this one. From H.G. Wells to David Bowie, speculations about Martian life have been a pervasive part of popular culture. There is a good reason for...
  • Origin of Life
    on Feb 4, 2010 in origin of life
    The first chapter of Genesis contains the Christian creation account. It tells of God creating the heaven and the Earth, plants and animals, and then man in God’s image. All in six days. The Bible doesn’t state when this creation occurred, but mo...
  • Examples of Natural Selection - Part 2Here I will show you more examples of natural selection. Darwin’s thinking about natural selection and evolution was profoundly influenced by his observations of island organisms. Among them was a remarkable group of birds that he observed in the G...
  • What is Natural SelectionWhat is natural selection? Darwin’s main contribution was not to establish that evolution occurs, although he helped in that regard. His great achievement was his theory of natural selection. In a nutshell, Darwin’s theory runs as follows:• The...
  • Darwin’s Theory of EvolutionNowadays, biologists take for granted that evolution occurred, but that wasn’t the case 150 years ago, when Darwin’s theory of evolution was introduced. Evolution is a simple and obvious idea if you think about it, but we needed Darwin to discove...
  • Examples of Natural SelectionHere I want to show you some examples of natural selection to make it clearer how it works in nature. We call natural selection a theory, but it is a testable theory and has been tested many times. Darwin, when he proposed it, could only turn to exam...
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