The daily ins & outs of the life of a stay at home mom of 3 boys, a little girl on the way, and everything else in between.

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Latest Blog Posts for Adventures In Babywearing

  • Saturdays In The Summer By The Sea
    on Aug 16, 2014 in my life oregon coast photos
    I love Saturdays. It's really my only day with a bit of structure this summer. Jeff and I take our daily walk down to the ocean but add in an extra half mile or so on the weekends. We are back before the kids are awake and I'll go get donuts or make...
  • These Things I Should Be Writing Down
    on Aug 3, 2014 in kids my life photos summer
    As I've abandoned any sort of regular record keeping of our life in the recent year or more (one of the best years of our lives yet, to be sure, so very worthy of being written about) a tiny panic sets in that if I don't write down the good stuff, th...
  • THAT lady.
    on Jul 18, 2014 in my life
    Today I was almost that person who stands on the side of the road and takes a picture of cows sitting in a circle out in a big field. But it was a winding road and there really wasn't any place to park safely. So I just admired them sitting in the su...
  • July July!
    on Jul 2, 2014 in BlogHer july my life photos
    It is July. I don't know why this month gets its own shout out, maybe because it surprised me with an early arrival and it's a full-bellied month. The sun has been shining, swimming lessons are starting up, LTYM videos are almost ready, the kids' pla...
  • A Quiet House
    on Jun 26, 2014 in memories my life
    The kids are still sleeping. I think summer vacation finally took. The house is so quiet. I was trying to read a book but it's not really keeping my attention. I made my tea and shuffled around the kitchen but then decided to sit still and keep them...
  • Gold StarThe kids got their report cards last week and I nonchalantly asked, "What if they gave report cards to moms? What kind of grades do you think I'd get?" Noah answered dryly, "Probably A's and B's."Probably? And did you say B's?Of course I know I'...
  • Ways to Listen to Your Mother and Consider Her Feelings
    on Apr 14, 2014 in Kid Stories listen to your mother
    'Tis the season for Listen To Your Mother and I'm so excited for all 32 cities to take the stage. I hope you'll be able to catch a show (or two?) A couple years ago Jeff interviewed the kids on the sly about ways they should listen to their moth...
  • The Best Days Of Our LivesIvy wanted to sit in my lap as we watched Carter's last performance in the youth theater production this Sunday. I hoisted her up and wrapped my arms around her. She told me to stop breathing in her ear.Tuesday is our "day off." It's actually a ...
  • His hair smelled like the back yard.His hair smelled like the back yard. And he curled up so still in my arms, the recliner squeaking with every rock but I kept on, thinking any moment he'd jump up and be off. Legs hanging over the sides but he stayed. Flashess of feelings of when he w...
  • What It's Like To Be The Mom of a TeenagerThe first thing Noah did as a thirteen year old was get his little brother a glass of water in the wee hours of the morning and help him through a coughing fit. I awoke and whispered to him a sleepy thank you and Happy Birthday as I shuffled Gray int...
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