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Latest Blog Posts for Our Healthy

  • Malaria
    on Feb 19, 2010 in Disease
    Malaria is serious disease caused by a parasite.Infected mosquitoes ( anopheles ) spread it.Malaria is a major cause of death worldwide,but it is almost wiped out in the U.S.The disease is mostly a problem in developing countries with warm climates.I...
  • Multiple Sclerosis
    on Feb 18, 2010 in Disease
    Multiple sclerosis ( MS ) is a nervous system disease that affects your brain and spinal cord.It damages the myelin sheath,the material that surrounds and protect your nerve cells.This damage slows down and or blocks messages between your brain and y...
  • Stroke
    on Feb 17, 2010 in Cardiovascular Disease
    DEFINITIONA stroke ( cerebrovascular accident ) is the rapidly developing loss of brain functions due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain,caused by a blocked or burst blood vessel.This can be due to is chemia caused by thrombosis or embol...
  • Morquio
    on Feb 17, 2010 in Disease
    Morquio syndrome : an in herited error in carbohydrate metabolism that results in mucopolysaccharida accumulation and severe skeletal defects.The defects are present at birth and include severe deformity of the spine and chest,short neck,loose and en...
  • Parkinson
    on Feb 17, 2010 in Disease
    Parkinson disease : a slowly progressive neurologic disease characterized by a fixed inexpressive face,a tremor at rest,slowing of voluntary movements,a gait with short accelerating steps,peculiar posture and muscle weakness,caused by degeneration of...
  • Bulimia
    on Feb 16, 2010 in Diet Dietary Disease
    Bulimia also called bulimia nervosa is a psychological eating disorder.Bulimia is characterized by episodes of binge - eating followed by inappropiate methods of weight control ( purging ).In appropiate methods of weight control include vomiting,fast...
  • Anorexia
    on Feb 16, 2010 in Diet Dietary Disease
    Anorexia nervosa is an illness that usually occurs in teenage girls,but it can also occur in teenage boys,and adult women and men.People with anorexia are obsessed with being thin.They lose a lot of weight and are terrified of gaining weight.They bel...
  • Epilepsi
    on Feb 16, 2010 in Disease
    Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes people to have recurring seizures.The seizures happen when clusters of nerve cells,or neurons,in the brain send out the wrong signals.People may have strange sensations and emotions or behave strangely.They ma...
  • Dengue Fever
    on Feb 15, 2010 in Fever Disease
    Dengue fever is an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes ( aedes agephty ) and caused by any of four related dengue viruses.This disease used to be called " break bone " fever,because it sometimes causes severe joint and muscle pain that feels lik...
  • Osteoarthritis
    on Feb 15, 2010 in Disease our body
    Osteorathritis is a type of arthritis that caused by the breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage of one or more joints.Cartilage is a protein substance that serves as a 'cushion' between the bones of the joints.Osteoarthritis is also known as de...
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