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Latest Blog Posts for Mutual Funds, Insurance and other Investments

  • Is it a time!?
    on Oct 30, 2008 in investment
    This could be the best time to invest equities. Share prices have fallen to such extents and P/E rations are in lower single digits for many companies.
  • Difference between Growth option and Dividend Reinvestment option in MF
    on Aug 19, 2007 in mutual fund
    So what is the difference between Growth (G) option and Dividend Reinvestment (DR) option of a Mutual Fund. At present, there is no difference.There is no entry load when the dividend is reinvested in DR scheme. The dividend is simply used to buy bac...
  • Smorty - blog for money service
    on Jun 16, 2007 in review
    As part of my posts about blogging for money services, I will discuss about another such website today. Smorty is one of the get paid to blog services that connects advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers pay bloggers to put links on blogs and write a...
  • Mortgage loan guide
    on Jun 8, 2007 in mortgage review house loan
    I was reading a blog post by Deepak Shenoy the other day in which he mentioned some terms in the US that are unique and not used elsewhere. One of the terms mentioned was Mortgage. It's used when a person applies for a loan to buy a house in the US.
  • Life Insurance for Key Man
    on Jun 8, 2007 in insurance
    Among different types of insurance that companies buy, key man life insurance is usually neglected. Businesses that protect their assets like buildings and other properties forget to protect their key men. The key man of a business is an important pe...
  • Financial goal - calculate the rate required
    on Jun 4, 2007 in investment
    The author of the book described in my previous post gave a very simple method to calculate the interest rate required to achieve a financial goal in the long term. As an investor knows very well, one should always have a financial goal in mind when...
  • Investment blunders of the rich and famous
    on Jun 2, 2007 in trading investment general
    I've just finished reading a book on Investments, named "Investment Blunders of the Rich and Famous...and What You Can Learn From Them".Some of the important advice the author of the book gives to investors, and some of his comments in the
  • Cashunclaimed
    on May 30, 2007 in review
    I'm reviewing of a very interesting website today. It's called Cashunclaimed. For the US people, it seems like there's some kind of central database of all the money that is lying without being claimed by anyone. This website offers a servi
  • Review - Compare credit cards
    on May 29, 2007 in review
    These days credit cards have become a sort of necessity for consumers. Be it shopping, eating out, or simply booking flight tickets online, many times there is no other option but to use a credit card. With the abundance of credit cards, it would be...
  • Gambler's Fallacy
    on May 28, 2007 in trading investment general
    There are people who see patterns in random data and try to predict the future based on such patterns. Probability theory states that for an unlimited set of trials, the numbers in a game should come up equally or the same number of times.For exampl...
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