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Latest Blog Posts for Fit For Life

  • How To Engineer Perfect TeethNot everyone has perfect teeth, but even if nature did endow you with perfect set of 32 teeth, they may get chipped or stained with ravages brought in by time. Many people have problems such as unevenly spaced or crowded teeth that require the servic...
  • Is Appendix a Useless Organ?
    on Feb 19, 2010 in appendix uses biofilm
    Doctors have long considered appendix — a narrow, muscular worm-like pouch found at the intersection of the small and large intestines — as a vestigial organ, a evolutionary remnant that could turn out to be a potential mischief maker and become...
  • Risks of CT Scans
    on Feb 9, 2010
    These days people go in for whole-body CT (computed tomography) scans to detect hidden diseases as a proactive health measure for normal and healthy people. CT scans can provide images with up to 20 times the detail of ordinary x-rays. A pencil thin...
  • Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10
    on Feb 8, 2010 in coenzyme Q10 COQ10
    If you regularly scour the counters of drug stores looking for good pick-me-up dietary supplements, chances are you will find CoQ10 listed as an ingredient in many of them. The anti-aging creams have them; the heart-health and immunity boosting medic...
  • Early Breast Cancer Detection With ThermographyBreast cancer is the leading cancer in women. Early detection of breast cancer increases chances of total recovery. Traditional recommendations by far have been regular and periodic self examination and annual check ups using mammography. Mammograms...
  • How Exercise Can Help People with Type Two DiabetesHow is Type 2 Diabetes Caused? Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder brought on by our sedentary lifestyle. It occurs when the pancreas produces insulin, yet the muscle cells cannot utilize it effectively, causing the blood sugar to rise above the...
  • How Diabetes Affects Kidneys
    on Jan 2, 2010
    The process of adding a sugar or sugar chain to a protein or fat – for example, on a cell surface membrane is called 'Glycosylation'. Many proteins that are critical to normal cell physiology are glycosylated; that is, the proteins have attached su...
  • Understanding MRI
    on Jan 2, 2010 in MRI vs CT scans MRI
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a radiation-independent, non-invasive medical diagnostic technique in which a powerful magnetic field and radio frequency pulses. Hydrogen atoms in water in the tissues get magnetized and aligned by the powerful ma...
  • The Hidden Dangers of Vaccination
    on Dec 1, 2009
    Vaccination is based on the Germ Theory of diseases as proposed by Louis Pasteur in 1840’s that postulated that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases. This theory forms the foundation of modern medicine and clinical microbiology. We live i...
  • How to Do an Indian Head Massage
    on Sep 30, 2009 in Head Massage
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